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Author Topic: Mess o' QRM near 6925  (Read 1474 times)

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Mess o' QRM near 6925
« on: October 07, 2008, 0829 UTC »
10/6/08, from 0010-0147 UTC: A mess of QRM from at least three stations on or near 6925 kHz.  Clear ID's from Radio Appalachia on 6924.9 AM first, then Radio Jamba International on 6925.6 USB (drifting between 6925.4-6925.7), then a third UNID near 6925 and possibly a fourth with a strong AM carrier on 6927 without audible program content.

Due to sudden propagation shifts, impossible to tell which station was on first or whether these various stations were able to hear each other.  From my location in N. Central Texas it sounded like Radio Appalachia was on first, then interfered with by Radio Jamba International, which in turn was QRM'd by yet another unidentified station.  Other listeners logged differing reports, so impossible to say for certain.

Before 0000 UTC: Radio Appalachia already in progress on 6924.9 kHz.
0010z: Radio Appalachia overtaken by Radio Jamba International on 6925.6 USB audio clips from Jay, Timtron, WBCQ, maybe from Fest, Jamba bits, RJI, mashup of overlaid sound fx and music (might've been some "Bob-Bob-Bob" in there too).
0011z: A third station near 6925 USB with sythesizer or midi tones, sheep "baaah", "Radio Bunny" sound bite, other mix.
0045z - A mess o' noise.  Keyboard synth/midi tones, sheep "baah!", Cypress Hill "Insane in the Membrane", other stuff. At least two ops only a few nths apart, swapping signal strengths.
0052z - 6925.5 USB barely audible now. Radio Appalachia on 6924.9 seems to be off. Other station occasionally tuning up with loud sound fx, not long enough to tune to pitch.
0055z - Het from strong carrier suddenly tuned up, seemed near 6927.1, no audio. Off after a minute.
0056z - Several loud tones, like dissonant keyboard playing, near 6925.0. RJI (presumed) still barely audible near 6925.5 with drifting signal.
0102z - Strong carrier tuned up on 6927, no audio. 6925.5 (approx) USB still barely audible.
0109z - Sounds like dramatic radio play on 6924.9 USB, signal or pitch drifting slightly, hard to tune. RJI still barely audible on 6925.5 USB.
0111z - Drifted toward 6925.0 now, better audio. (RJI barely audible near 6925.5)
0117z - UNID station on 6925 suddenly faded or off during Chiffons "He's So Fine" after radio play. (RJI slightly stronger now near 6925.5)
0120z - After 6925.0 station faded, RJI audible near 6925.5 with ID's and SOAD "I-E-A-I-A-I-O", then Jay cutups with nonsense numbers, sounds like various news audio clips with "coronal mass ejection", etc.
0125z - RJI ID, music (sounds like live Pink Floyd?), blasted by OTHR bursts.
0131z - Pitch is all over the place on "Comfortably Numb", can't tell if it's music player drift or signal drift. Whistling audible, like audience from a live bootleg recording?
0135z - More wild pitch drifts during live Doors "Break on Through", can't tell if signal drift or audio recording/playback
0139z - RJI ID, then Doors "Alabama Song"
0145z - Suddenly off or faded during Doors song.
0147z - Weird distorted audio, almost like overdriven guitar?

20 minutes of various audio bits, starting with Radio Appalachia, then RJI, then UNID: http://www.mediafire.com/?x2tajtdmxeu
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Re: Mess o' QRM near 6925
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2008, 1522 UTC »
There was really odd conditions last night. Slowly ramped up to super good with stations on stations on many bands, then off like a lightswitch ???



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