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Author Topic: Aviation logs.  (Read 2551 times)

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Aviation logs.
« on: August 07, 2019, 1631 UTC »
Propagation varies from good to very poor, however the following have been noted in past week (all in USB mode):

2.965MHz  HSD Bangkok Radio Volmet, Thailand with major Asian capitals airport weather reports and Sigmet updates. 1340z 5X7 report.

3.467MHz  Auckland ATC, New Zealand (MWARA SP-6) wkg Jetstar-130 enroute RAR-AKL pos report & Selcal check. 1425z 5X7 report.
3.470MHz  Jakarta ATC, Ujang Padang, Indonesia (RDARA-??) wkg aircraft in Bhasa Indonesian language with Selcal check. 1832z 5X5 report.
3.470MHz  Brisbane ATC, Australia (MWARA SEA-3)) wkg CX-111 enroute HKG-SYD, altitude change. 1615z 5X7 report.

4.666MHz  Singapore ATC, Singapore (MWARA SEA-2) wkg Scooter-13?? "can you please re log back on?" 1444z 5X2 report.

5.505MHz  EIP Shannon, County Clare, Ireland with long Volmet report, 0654z 5X4 report via Long Path for 22,709kms.
5.628MHz  San Fransisco ATC, USA (MWARA NP-1) "unidentified aircraft please call again 5.628?" 1446z 5X4 report.
5.658MHz  Mumbai ATC, India (MWARA MID-2) wkg unidentified aircraft (weak) pos report & Selcal check. 1624z 4X3 report.

6.556MHz  Chennai Radio ATC, India (MWARA SEA-1) wkg Singapore-?? with flight path weather update and altitude change. 1931z 5X2 report.
6.604MHz  VFP Gander Radio, Newfoundland, Canada with Volmet report and Sigmet updates. 0654z 5X1 report.
6.628MHz  Santa Maria ATC, Azores (MWARA NAT-E) wkg various aircraft (very weak) with pos report & Selcal. 0544z 5X4 report via Long Path for 19,457kms.
6.676MHz  9VA-40 Singapore Radio, Singapore with major Asian airport Volmet report and weather updates. 1922z 5X5 report.
6.676MHz  HSD Bangkok Radio, Thailand with major Asian airports Volmet report. 1643z 5X6 report.-

8.822MHz  Flight Watch, Australia (RDARA 14-A) wkg VH-AEP "No reported IFR traffic" 0127z 5X7 report.
8.831MHz  Flight Watch, Australia (RDARA 14-B) wkg aircraft with mechanical issue on tarmac (engine stalled, unable to taxi). 0626z 5X5 report.
8.834MHz  Sentani ATC, Jayapura, Indonesia (RDARA-??) wkg domestic flight in Bhasa Indonesia language, Selcal check heard. 0018z 5X1 report.
8.843MHz  Flight Watch, Australia (RDARA 14-C) wkg VH-UOL enroute SNB-DRW giving weather update. 0656z 5x5 report.
8.843MHz  San Fransisco ATC, USA (MWARA CEP-1) wkg United-?? pos report & Selcal check plus Sigmet update. 0631z 5X3 report.
8.867MHz  Nadi Radio ATC, Fiji Islands (MWARA SP-6) wkg Fiji-913 enroute BNE-NAN altitude change and Sigmet update. 0755z 5X9 report.
8.870MHz  Unident American ATC (HNL or SFO??) wkg unreadable aircraft, Selcal check noted 0820z 3x3 report.

13.261MHz  San Fransisco ATC, USA (MWARA SP-6) wkg United-806 enroute INC-SFO Boeing 777-200, Pos report & Selcal check. 0525z 5X3 report.

17.904MHz  Nadi Radio ATC, Fiji Islands (MWARA SP-6) wkg unident aircraft into Nadi, ETA time and Sigmet update. 5X2 report.
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Re: Aviation logs.
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2019, 1919 UTC »
Nice logs, Looking-Glass. 

Shannon Radio on 5505 kHz USB / 5.505 MHz USB is an exception catch via long-path. 
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