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Author Topic: Turtle Head Radio 6930 LSB  (Read 1244 times)

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Turtle Head Radio 6930 LSB
« on: December 15, 2011, 0637 UTC »
12/15/11, 6930 LSB, 0618z: Tom Petty; song with banjo, didn't recognize singer or song; Thomas Dolby "Blinded Me With Science"; audio clip "This is rock and roll radio with the Ramones"; The Cure "Killing An Arab".
0633z: "You have been listening to..." ID, but muffled.  Then off. (Note: Checked my recording later - definite ID as Turtle Head Radio.)

SINPO=32433, occasional clear peaks to around S7, lots of fades to noise level, fighting through my usual heavy local RFI.  Audio sounded a bit distorted or overdriven, but hard to be sure with my local RFI.

Thanks for the show!  I have an audio clip available if you'd like an air  check.

ID only, barely audible

13 minute recording, pretty good overall.

0652z: Back, heard ID that sounded like "Turtle Head Radio"?  Much weaker and faded out completely by 0705z, while other listeners report much stronger signal (per IRC).
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Re: Turtle Head Radio 6930 LSB
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2011, 2217 UTC »

I heard a station this morning (Thursday 15th of december) at 06.49 UTC to 07.22 UTC, on 6930.0 kHz in W. Europe.
I thought it was in AM mode (with a carrier), but I could hear it only using LSB because of Ut.QRM on 6935.
Program was music, with announcements between records. At 06.53, annt by woman and duo man+woman saying hello...(etc...) .
There was a strong het on 6925 till 06.55. Then afater 07.00, there was much OTH radar hits.
No known music, and very weak signal on this side of the pond!


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Re: Turtle Head Radio 6930 LSB
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2011, 0015 UTC »
Turtlehead Radio was also up at about 0130z to 0154z on Dec 15, 2011 on 6925 LSB.  It announced an email address several times, turtleheadradio@gmail.com  The announce most of the time was "you are listening to Turtlehead Radio" but at the end went to a longer announce that started with "This is your host Colonel Turtlehead, thank you for listening to Turtlehead Radio" and included the gmail address.  

The station peaked up for me about S9 at 0140 and the noise level was less than S3, so was a good signal.  The audio is a little pinched and tinny though.  It looks like it is only 2200 Hz wide and starts at 400 Hz, so only covering 400 Hz to 2600 Hz.  Have recorded this station several times in the past, and the audio is immediately identifiable each time because of this.  Unfortunately it can also be hard to understand at times for the same reason.

The station also came up for a couple minutes around 0156 in AM mode, with 2 or 3 IDs, but nothing more.

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