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Author Topic: FRS Holland - trying again 8-Sep-19  (Read 286 times)

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FRS Holland - trying again 8-Sep-19
« on: September 07, 2019, 0915 UTC »
Again slightly short notice but only received in my inbox over night ...

After 'difficult' conditions last week FRS have scheduled a repeat for tomorrow on 5810Khz only.

Hopefully they will have more success, last week I could get anything on either frequency direct or via the 3 webSDR's I tried in the London area. 

At the moment it hardly seems worth turning the radio on - every report on here seems to include the word 'trace', 'weak' and 'noise'. Apart from LHH and Harmony (which are both noise affected) I don't think I have got even a reasonable signal whenever I check the posts from Ray and others.

Anyway here's FRS's announcement ...

Dear FRS Friends,

Next Sunday September 8th FRS will repeat last Sunday's broadcast which suffered from very poor/ unstable propagation conditions.
That means once again a start at 16:52 UTC/ 18:52 CEST. Frequency: only 5810 kHz. It looks like higher freqs like 7700 suffer from
very long skip nulling out reception in large parts of out target area. We hope for better/stronger reception but realize that the current
conditions simply are (very) poor!
Sunday Sept. 8th  16:52- 21:00 UTC 5810 kHz ...FRS' 39th Anniversary featuring Jan, Bert, Dave, Peter & Mike. Tune in!
Have a good weekend,

73s  Peter V. (on behalf of the entire FRS Family).