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Author Topic: mini-DXpedition  (Read 308 times)

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« on: November 08, 2019, 2120 UTC »
Presently thawing out here in the shack after my return from a QRM-free local park in an attempt to escape the S9+ noise in the neighborhood.
Took along a PL-600 portable and hastily strung up a wire antenna through the rafters of a picnic shelter.
The results were so-so, need to come up with some sort of tuner for the antenna as there were a number of signals present that were just too
weak to positively ID.  Anyway, the radio seemed pretty sensitive for a portable although the selectivity wasn't that great.

245  YZE     Gore Bay  ON
266  ZHM    Hamilton  ON
278  ADG    Adrian  MI
326  VV      Wiarton  ON
332  PH      Port Huron  MI
332  QT      Thunder Bay  ON
335  ZKF     Kitchener  ON
350  D7      Kincardine  ON
353  QG     Windsor  ON
362  AK      Akron  OH
362  SB      Sudbury  ON
368  ZYZ    Toronto  ON
375  7B      St. Thomas  ON
382  XU     London  ON
391  OO     Oshawa  ON
397  ZHA   Hamilton  ON
404  ZR     Sarnia  ON
419  RYS   Grosse Ile  MI
423  PCW  Port Clinton  OH
515  OS    Columbus  OH

The best DX was Thunder Bay @ 500 mi... pretty good for midday LW.
The DAID on the Canadian beacons is a big help in detecting a signal.
Still cold soaked... gonna head for the kitchen and warm up with some Tim Hortons coffee, eh.
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