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Author Topic: FCC proposes ‘highest fine ever’ on two Boston pirate radio operators  (Read 1219 times)

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The Federal Communications Commission proposed hefty fines Thursday on two separate Boston-area pirate radio operators for allegedly broadcasting without a license.

“Both operators ignored repeated warnings and continued to broadcast and interfere with licensed radio stations for years,” Ajit Pai, chairman of the agency, said in a video statement posted on YouTube. “This should serve as a yet another warning that we will not stand by as the law is being broken.”

The first fine was levied on Gerlens Cesar, who operates Radio TeleBoston, for apparent unlicensed and unlawful broadcasting. It was $453,015, according to the FCC.

Cesar used three separate broadcasting transmitters, which resulted in three separate violations of the law, according to the memo. In response, the FCC proposed imposing the statutory maximum forfeiture amount for each violation, which was the “largest fine ever proposed by the FCC against a pirate radio operation,” according to the agency.

Radio TeleBoston simulcasts on three unauthorized transmitters on two different frequencies, the FCC said. That could cause interference on Boston FM dials and interfere with licensed communications and public safety announcements.

The second fine of $151,005 was given to  Acerome Jean Charles, the operator of Radio Concorde, for his alleged unlicensed broadcasts.

The FCC said it received a complaint from a local licensed broadcaster, which they traced back to Radio Concorde and issued several unanswered warnings to stop transmission.

Full story: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/fcc-proposes-highest-fine-ever-000048543.html
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A lot of the guys I've seen getting popped over the past 3-5 years and hit with big fines have Haitian names. Good luck getting them to pay up when they take the next plane home.

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Funny you should mention the Haitians. Here's what Commissioner Starks had to say...
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Maybe we need some Radio Sanctuary Cities?    8)


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Funny you should mention the Haitians. Here's what Commissioner Starks had to say...

Good find, Glad to see that someone up there is thinking about that. Thanks for posting.
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