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Author Topic: 14452.5 USB CFARS propagation exercise net #3  (Read 2798 times)

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14452.5 USB CFARS propagation exercise net #3
« on: February 05, 2012, 1630 UTC »
1629Z 45444 Bunch of stations doing comm checks.  Talked about frequency Foxtrot & Golf (14452.5 is not Golf).

Callsigns on the net:
CIW308 Made reference to the propagation net exercise. Also calling for any MARS stations.
CIW322 Name is Mike.
CIW650 Net control. CFARS session 3 of the propagation net exercise.
CIW681 (in Edmonton)
XLG988 Signal Regiment (forgot the regiment number). In Yellow Knife.

A bunch of them were going to go to frequency Golf. Did some earlier propagation checks on Golf, but no contact. So more went. Golf is higher in frequency somewhere.

CFARS. If so, then (from the Canadian Military Frequency Guide):
Alpha: 13971.0
Bravo: 14584.5
Charlie: 14445.0
Delta: 14458.5
Echo: 20957.0
Foxtrot: 20970.0
Golf: 20962.0*
Hotel: 20870.0
India: 20770.0
Juliet: 14452.5*
Kilo: 14448.0
Lima: 20976.0

From another source:
Mike: 13952.5
Whiskey: 6981.0*
Xray: 6961.0
Yankee: 4051.0
Zulu: 4022.0

Other: 6977.0, 13970.0, 14385.0

* Confirmed from this exercise

Listened on Golf and heard some very weak stations. One of them said to go back to Juliet. Now there's a bunch back on 14452.5.

1648Z Juliet Checking for stations that can operate on channel Quebec.
1653Z Juliet The went to Quebec.
1656Z Juliet Stations coming back to Juliet. Stations had trouble establishing comms on Quebec.
1658Z Juliet Now wanting to check frequency Whiskey.
1659Z Whiskey CIW444 is on Whiskey. Very weak. Hear a couple of other stations, too weak to ID.
1704Z Juliet CIW650 making general announcement for stations on the propagation exercise.
1710Z Juliet CIW650 calling XLD988. 650 & myself not hearing XLD988.
1716Z Juliet CIW650 sending people to Whiskey. Mentioned XLD2something and being a northern satellite station.
1725Z Juliet CHH709 calling CIW322. 709 is experimenting with antennas. Now on vertical. 322 recommending use of horiz antenna instead.
1727Z Juliet CIW615 calling CIW322. 615 could not hear 709.
1728Z Juliet CIW322 wants 709, 615, 681, 650, 644 to try Yankee. Supposedly better for local comms. 644 has no antennas for that frequency.
1732Z Whiskey I tried 4051, but hear nothing, which isn't surprising.
1733Z Juliet Net stations are dropping in strength here.
1735Z Juliet CIW650 asking CIW618 to call XLD318
1737Z Juliet CIW650 calling XLD318. XLD318 not heard by 650 (nor by me).
1738Z Juliet CIW650 asked CIW516 to call XLD318. I can hear neither station. 516 or 318 is in Yellow Knife
1745Z Juliet CIW650 said that he's losing a lot of the CIW3 stations. CIW308 confirmed dropping signal levels of CIW3 stations, but picking up CIW5 stations better.
1746Z Juliet CIW444 wants to try Golf. CIW650 now asking others to go to Golf.
1749Z Golf CIW516 can hear CIW318. I can barely hear 516, cannot hear 318.
1756Z Juliet XLG988 calling CIW650. No contact.
1810Z Juliet CIW650 said that there were good comms on Golf
1818Z Juliet CIW308 wants to try freq Papa with XLD219
1825Z Juliet CIW650 relay for CIW444 asking XLG988 & CIW227 to go to Whiskey
1837Z Juliet CIW650 sending a bunch to Papa
1838Z Juliet CIW650 sending others to Hotel
1845Z Juliet Stations reporting nothing heard on Papa
1848Z Juliet Yesterday were nets 1 & 2. Mentioned that today's net was much more organized.
1850Z Juliet XLG988: Comments of the net: Went very well.  Suggested to try daytime freq Oscar and at night Whiskey next time.
1855Z Juliet CIW318. Couldn't hear him, but 650 summarized. Mentioned that future attempts on 18 Megs has been bought up (Oscar??)
1857Z Juliet CIW650 (relaying for CIW444) Next net at 22Z (regular CFARS net), there may be some U.S. MARS stations on.
1859Z Juliet CIW444 wished that CIW304 could crawl out of that RF hole up there.
1900Z Juliet CIW650 secured the net. Concludes net #3 for the CFARS propagation test.
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Re: 14452.5 USB CFARS Propagation net exercise
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2012, 1727 UTC »
Hearing some weak traffic on 14452.5u now, unable to copy much:
CHH709 for radio check at 17:26z, nothing heard.

Looking for "Any Whiskey 322", "Experimenting with antennas."

Interesting stuff, thx for the heads up skeezix!
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