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Author Topic: Radio Algeria Chaine 3 - 252 kHz  (Read 1936 times)

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Radio Algeria Chaine 3 - 252 kHz
« on: January 28, 2020, 0302 UTC »
Coming in fine here on the W1EUJ KiwiSDR now. Its usually a struggle to pick out the modulation but tonight its booming. Adjusted passband to avoid an NDB on the lower sideband.

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Re: Radio Algeria Chaine 3 - 252 kHz
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2020, 1126 UTC »
I look for this station often on my KiwiSDR and am pleased when it is listenable. The LW propagation can be very interesting.
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Re: Radio Algeria Chaine 3 - 252 kHz
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2020, 1419 UTC »
Almost 99% sure this is what I listened to last night and if so then this will be my first AM longwave broadcast catch.

I usually give my ATS909 a quick dial through LW and hit a solid signal on 252kHz. At first I thought it was a harmonic but it zeroed on
that frequency instead of 250kHz or 255kHz. Did a quick check of SW and MW to see if I was hearing something else and confirmed
that it was only found on LW. I didn't make out the language at first but now I know.

First longwave AM DX for me! Yippy. Only took 20 years ;D
Not bad for being in the midwest of the US. This all off of my 130' inverted L and a bunch of random ground radials that I normally use for "other purposes".
It sadly faded out slowly after hearing it but seemed to fade back in half an hour later. Interesting how long the fades take on LW.
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