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Author Topic: Saturday night/Sunday morning logs, 11/1-2/08  (Read 1612 times)

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Saturday night/Sunday morning logs, 11/1-2/08
« on: November 02, 2008, 0730 UTC »
Too lazy to start a bunch of separate log threads...  :P

Radio Marabu, 6220 AM
11/1/08, 2342z: "Marabu" ID after set of pop music.  My first catch of this one.
SINPO - 33322 (rapid, fluttering fades, beeping QRM from adjacent ute)
Short audio clip, very muddy sounding: http://www.mediafire.com/?4kmdim5cjtm

Relay of KROQ, 6925 USB (thanks to Liquid Radio for help with confirming ID)
11/2/08, 0119-0140 UTC: Various '80s pop/rock hits, "Ball of Confusion" (not Temptations, maybe Anthrax or Duran-Duran, barely audible), Bananarama "Cruel Summer", Adam Ant "Viva le Rock", INXS "Don't Change", "People Who Died" (Jim Carroll Band?).
0134z ID sounds like canned ID's from commercial FM station, variously heard as KROQ, "Radio Clash" and "Rock of the '80s" (an LA based FM station, possibly via web stream?)
0140z Off or sudden fade, no closing ID.
SINPO - 32322, S1-S7, occasional fades to barely audible, some ute QRM.
6 minute audio clip with ID audible around the 4:50 mark: http://www.mediafire.com/?ylmmhrzyzyy
Possibly back at 0200z: "Love is Like Oxygen", Smashing Pumpkins "Disarm".  Tough copy now, very weak, lots of fading.

Wolverine Radio, 6925 USB
11/2/08, 0407-0445 UTC, no ID heard 'til end of show. Long set of mellow music (group effort in IDing songs, courtesy of The Web, DimBulb, others on IRC #pirateradio - great folks, always fun!): k.d. lang, possibly Margo Timmons/Cowboy Junkies, Porcupine Trees, Bruce Cockburn, Nancy Wilson, others. Ended with comedy sketch, "Good evening", something about a wolverine, mostly inaudible. Wolverine Radio ID with echo fx at end of show.
SINPO - 34322, good audio quality, some fades to near inaudible.
Audio clip for most of what was audible here, Wolverine ID at end of clip: http://www.mediafire.com/?wjtwmilgmj0

Dead Cat Radio, 6925 USB
11/2/08, 0458-0506 UTC: Everly Brothers set, "Bye Bye Love", "Bird Dog", "Dream", one or two others. Dead Cat Radio ID at end.
SINPO - 34322
Audio for most of show, voice ID at end: http://www.mediafire.com/?4temdnjemk5

UNID, possibly DCR, 6925 USB
11/2/08, 0319-0348 UTC: Very weak at first, Celtic sounding music, accordion, pipes, acoustic instruments, only audible a few seconds at a time until 0344z Belinda Carlisle "Love Never Dies", followed by SSTV image of cat chasing rabbit with caption "Shhhh!!  Be very quiet.  Iz huntin wabbits"

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