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Author Topic: Beacon network logs 2/6/20 2130-2230 UTC  (Read 144 times)

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Beacon network logs 2/6/20 2130-2230 UTC
« on: February 07, 2020, 1605 UTC »
I logged, from multiple KiwiSDR receivers, a beacon network yesterday. Unfortunately, due to personal commitments, I wasn't able to post this real time, nor perform a TDOA location analysis, which I very much regret. For the same reason, I was unable to correlate the timing of the transmissions as synchronous either with UTC or between frequencies.

The signals were received primarily from the KiwiSDR receiver in Westminster, MD, but most were almost universally received from the WA2ZKD receiver in Rochester, NY and the WA2ZKD receiver in Rockport, ME. Some could be received from the KPH HF receiver in California. I also received the same transmissions on a few frequencies on SDR# from a receiver in Florida.

The signal characteristics were CW transmissions of 0.25 s, spaced 7.5 s apart, with a carrier reduction of approximately 10 db for 0.015 s in the center of the transmission. This gave the sound of *almost* a double-dit. I made two recordings of these transmissions and examined them in Audacity to make this analysis.

The frequencies on which I was able to receive the transmissions were:


73, Drew, N0XU.
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