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Author Topic: The Relay Station 5150 AM 1717 UTC 7 Feb 2010  (Read 446 times)

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1905 - Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies "William Jennings Bryan has left the building" then OFF

Just to clarify, "Granny" said, "remember what William Jennings Bryan said.  Fight hard, but fight clean"

Jed - "But you ain't fightin' clean, Granny"
Granny - "'Course I ain't! William Jennings Bryan was a loser!"

Then "Elvis has left the building". 

i thoroughly enjoyed relaying you live today Matt.
i would certainly enjoy relaying anyone else too (Yeah Man definitely).
email me at shortwavepirate@aol.com
the broadcast today was at ten watts - AM audio bandwidth is 20khz (20Hz to 10Khz audio).
all audio is simply passed-through with no processing other than clipping to prevent over-modulation.
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5150 Khz AM 60W Hack RF

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Re: The Relay Station 5150 AM 1717 UTC 7 Feb 2010
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Radio Free Connecticut. Nice station Matt.

The The Relay Station did a very nice job relaying today.
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