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Author Topic: N-sstv on 30m Apr/03/2020 2317 UTC  (Read 889 times)


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N-sstv on 30m Apr/03/2020 2317 UTC
« on: April 06, 2020, 1413 UTC »
For a week or so, I've been decoding sstv on the 20m band. It became rather boring seeing the same images sent by the same guys over and over. Doing some reading, I found that there were a few fellows sending sstv at a narrower bandwidth than normal on the 30m band. This is done to comply with the bandwidth restrictions inherent with operation on that band. I found that 10.132mhz is the dial freq for setting your rx to catch the activity. After being patient, having my rx on that freq for awhile, I was rewarded with a few pics from a guy near the East coast. Here's the pic of my captures with the best snr:


You can tell that the pic was sent in a narrower mode than usual, since it doesn't have the full color range we're used to seeing. I noted that the transmitted audio was centered around 2000hz above dial freq and had a bandwidth of about 800 hz or less.
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