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Author Topic: 6.900 LSB Spanish Freebanders daily transmissions strong after 0100 UTC  (Read 1920 times)


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I have been monitoring a network of Spanish speaking freebanders. Many are located in S. California and N. of Baja Mexico. There are mobiles and base stations. They use primary contact on 6.900 LSB and some move on to 6.905 LSB. These stations are non licensed and general discussion involves topics of antennas, family matters. I have heard a few stations as far away as Mexico City checking in. Notice that this is not a ham band. Lots of freebanding on this side of town.
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Most of the SS I communications I hear in that region of the band on this side of the country are fishermen.

A Brazilian company was offering a conversion kit to get cb rigs to operate at the lower end of 40 meters last year. I wonder if the folks in Baja and SoCal aren't using this type of tech as a cheap way to bypass cellphones?

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Most of the Spanish speaking fellows I hear on and near 6900 are from Texas, Mexico or in the Gulf.  Occasionally I hear reports of Portuguese speakers from the NE coast area, but I rarely hear 'em unless I use a web tuner.  When I do hear Portuguese speaking folks between 6900-7000 they turn out to be from Brazil - very active especially on 7000 LSB.

A North American shortwave pirate op used one of those CB transverters two or three years ago - I heard him pretty well here.  I think he said he borrowed it for awhile and had to return it.  Seems like an interesting offshoot from Brazil's flourishing tech savyy pirate communications industry.  They're also known for pirating satellites for two-way comms.  Clever fellows.
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