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Author Topic: VECs are allowed to conduct remote amateur radio licensing  (Read 845 times)


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On April 30, the FCC issued the following message to the public,
affirming that VECs are allowed to conduct remote amateur radio
licensing. There are several groups, including the ARRL VEC that are
actively creating the ability to deliver secure remote testing without
opportunities to be dishonest, in the style that multiple learning
institutions have done for many years.

I've received many emails from the Division about this, and I personally
believe that we need to move technology forward when we are able to do
so while preserving the integrity of the testing process.

Many of you remember (as I do) that no one received a permanent amateur
radio license without a visit to an FCC office. When Volunteer
Examinations were established, there was an outcry that this would be
negative for amateur radio. Our conscientious group of VE's work all the
time to make examinations available to everyone - this is just another
evolution in getting examinations to those who cannot, for whatever
reason, attend a testing session.

Thank you for your concerns - but the ARRL VEC is going to extraordinary
measures to make sure that this testing has the same level on integrity
as many of you and I experienced in my visit to an FCC Field Office to
be tested.


Mickey Baker N4MB
Director, Southeastern Division

FCC Release -------------------

DA 20-467

Released: April 30, 2020




The Amateur Radio Service provides opportunities for self-training,
intercommunication, and technical

investigations for qualified persons of any age who are interested in
radio technique solely with a personal

aim and without pecuniary interest. To operate an Amateur Radio Service
station, an operator must have

an FCC license. The Commission issues three classes of operator
licenses, each authorizing a different

level of privilege.1 The class for which each licensee is qualified is
determined during an examination by

the level of skill and knowledge in operating a station that the
licensee demonstrates to volunteer

examiners, who conduct this testing on behalf of FCC-certified volunteer
examiner coordinators.

Many potential amateur radio test takers and volunteer examiners have
contacted the Chairman and the

Wireless Telecommunications Bureau to request that the Commission allow
remote testing in light of

current public health guidelines regarding social distancing during the
COVID-19 pandemic. We make

clear here that nothing in the FCC’s rules prohibits remote testing,
and prior FCC approval is not required

to conduct remote tests.2 The Commission provides flexibility to
volunteer examiners and coordinators

who wish to develop remote testing methods or to increase remote testing
programs already in place.3

We recognize that some volunteer examiner coordinators may not have the
immediate capacity for

widespread remote testing. We expect those volunteer examiner
coordinators with limited remote testing

capacity to work closely with those requesting such testing to
prioritize any available remote testing slots.

- FCC -

ARRL Southeastern Division
Director: Mickey V Baker, N4MB

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Re: VECs are allowed to conduct remote amateur radio licensing
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2020, 1448 UTC »
The : Last I heard - The Laurel Amateur Radio Club said NO - they were not going to participate.

I myself said that I would volunteer to go to a persons house to proctor the exam in person, IF - the applicant was going to do more then buy a Boefung walkie talkie and play repeater jocky.

The local club was abhorred by my comments.  90% of them are nothing more then walkie talkie carrying, repeater jockies that only turns their radio on once a week on Sunday nights to participate in a local net where their only comments are - No Traffic!


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