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Author Topic: Renegade Radio 6935 kHz USB 0145Z April 2  (Read 1927 times)

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Renegade Radio 6935 kHz USB 0145Z April 2
« on: April 02, 2012, 0149 UTC »
Tuned in In Progress. Strong signal here, S9 or better. Signal 45544 or better. Great quality audio. Suspect Rave On Radio and waiting for ID.

0145 Johnny Reb, Little Johnny Horton
0148 North To Alaska, Little Johnny Horton
0150 Battle Of New Orleans, Little Johnny Horton. Obviously a theme here!
0153 Whispering Pines, Little Johnny Horton
0156 Started playing first few notes of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, AC/DC, then off. Guess it wasn't Rave On Radio. No ID.

0158 Back on. The Mansion You Stole, Johnny Horton
0202 Renegade Radio ID! Shoutout to me and other HFU posters here. Says testing with bad sound card, hum problem. Wasn't intending to do broadcast but will continue now with Johnny Horton songs.
0204 When It's Springtime In Alaska
0207 Honky Tonk Man
0209 Talk about Johnny Horton
I only notice the hum on the voice; not on the songs.
0211 All For The Love Of A Girl
0214 Comanche
0217 Sink The Bismarck 0219 CD skipping
0220 Jim Bridger
0222 Johnny Freedom
0225 More shoutouts, wrap-up, sign off 0227

Thanks for the show Renegade!

Someone calling Renegade on frequency after sign-off, Renegade answers, other station says "Good Show!"
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Re: 6935 kHz 0145Z March 2
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2012, 0158 UTC »
Renegade Radio, 6935 usb, 0145, 4/2/12. Copperhead row (Road), Johnny Reb, North to Alaska, Battle of New Orleans, Whispering Pines, couple bars of something hard rock, 0156 dead air or off.

0158 back with more Jonny Horton, 0201 ID & testing with bad sound card, shout out to several of us here, Springtime in Alaska

0227 Time to wrap this up ... 0228 off.

Good reception & audio quality throughout.

This on Kaito 1103 & KA 31
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Music identified with help from Shazam.

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Re: 6935 kHz 0145Z April 2
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2012, 0200 UTC »
Back on again 0158 6935USB. 4/2/12
Renegade Radio
Giving props........!!
SINPO 34333 to Virginia Beach, Va. S3 signal and S3 noise level
A bit of fading, S4 signal. Music modulates well, voice is a little over modulated.
Johnny Horton music
A lot of QRM on the band here tonight. First time copying this station.
Do you QSL?
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Re: 6935 kHz 0145Z April 2
« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2012, 0202 UTC »
The song at 0141 was Copperhead Road, by Steve Earle, not Copperhead Row.  After that all Johnny Horton for the next 4 songs.

Went off after a few bars of AC/DC, and came back up at 0159.

ID Renegade at 0202, and talking about a bad sound card.

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Re: Renegade Radio 6935 kHz USB 0145Z April 2
« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2012, 0203 UTC »
0203Z 45444 S9 ID Renegade Radio. Testing. Think they may have a bad soundcard which may account for the hum in the audio.
0204Z 45444 S9 Johnny Horton "When It's Springtime In Alaska"
0212Z 45444 S9 Johnny Horton "All For The Love Of A Girl" No hum.
0214Z 45444 S9 Johnny Horton "Comanche"
0217Z 45444 S9 Johnny Horton "Sink The Bismarck" Part of the song was breaking up.
0220Z 45444 S9 Johnny Horton "Jim Bridger"
0223Z 45444 S9 Johnny Horton "Johnny Freedom'
0225Z 45444 S9 ID. Live Op. Hum is back. Thanking us for listening with the testing. Signing off.
0227Z Off air.

0227Z Not quite off the air. Another station calling Radio Renegade.
0228Z Now off again.

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Re: Renegade Radio 6935 kHz USB 0145Z April 2
« Reply #5 on: April 02, 2012, 0204 UTC »
Renegade Radio ID at 0202.  Mentions of soundcard problem causing some hum in the audio.
S9 here.
Continuing with the JH music...
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Re: Renegade Radio 6935 kHz USB 0145Z April 2
« Reply #6 on: April 02, 2012, 0205 UTC »
4/2/12, 6935 USB, 0200z (approx)
Same heard here, Renegade Radio with Steve Earle "Copperhead Road", bunch of Johnny Horton songs, op saying he's running some tests to see if they've worked out a tech issue with a sound card.  Good signal.
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