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Author Topic: Help pulling in Pirate radio stations  (Read 19388 times)

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Re: Help pulling in Pirate radio stations
« Reply #45 on: January 08, 2013, 0134 UTC »
Actually, I found a great way to enjoy radio again despite living in an apartment and its been quite successful for me at this location and ironically also in the city. What I did, was to take my spare bedroom and put all my ham gear, SW radios, etc in and have a variety of portable antennas say for 10, 15, 20, 40 meters. But what I also found to be a great antenna for me was to buy some speaker wire. Generally the medium thickness version which is about maybe 14 gauge instead of the 18 gauge version. Anyway, in my experience being here in the lower midwest was that using this about 200 foot loop which goes along the four walls of this 180 sq foot room works very well. I've been able to work as far away as Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Western Europe, Northwest Territories, Alaska, Hawaii, etc just using 100 watts transmitted power and of course an antenna tuner with a JPS ANC 4 for additional filtering of received signals. Usually in regard to 43 meter activity around 6925, I often receive stations as good as S9 and sometimes even better depending on their setup.

If you've got an attic to work with or can put it outside it would be better. Especially if one could get it up into a tree or support poles depending on your outside situation and whether you want to broadcast what you are doing. I personally can't put up anything outside because of contractual and other obligations but what they can't see isn't going to hurt them. At one time, I lived at a place with several acres and was able to put up about 2000 feet of longwire number 12 gauge coated copper stranded. Which to say the least back in the mid 90s or so always netted me hundreds of stations around the world from even backwoods provincial stations in China, North Korea, Vietnam, and elsewhere including most of Africa. Which was really neat working Reunion Island a number of years ago. It can be done on small scale in an apartment or townhouse just provided you can filter out the electronic trash of Plasma TVs, Laptops, Adaptors, etc.

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Re: Help pulling in Pirate radio stations
« Reply #46 on: January 08, 2013, 1503 UTC »
+1. A great, quiet, multi-band antenna.  If you plan to get your license, and have the real estate, a horinzontal loop, ~ 275 ft long, up as high as you can get it, fed with plain ole 50 ohm coax will get you on most bands below 80 meters, using a tuner.  I think you'd be suprised at the difference a good antenna will make.  Good luck.


Run the longest wire you can fit all the way around your yard in a loop as high as possible and be amazed
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Re: Help pulling in Pirate radio stations
« Reply #47 on: January 10, 2013, 0516 UTC »
Thanks for the information. 

I havent had a chance the past few days to tinker with my antenna. 

This thread did get mentioned on the pirateweek episode for 1/6/13  which was really cool, Thanks Ragnar, that made my day.

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Re: Help pulling in Pirate radio stations
« Reply #48 on: January 25, 2013, 2144 UTC »

Just following up on your antenna situation. I recently came across information regarding a possible solution. It is an HF frequency gain probe 26" active antenna that can be used either outdoors or indoors. So far, there are rave reviews and has been in market for years.

GOOGLE:  LF Engineering and look up their H-800 and H-900 models. Price is OK. $149.00 new. There may be some used offered in the secondary market. One reviewer remarked it equaled a 50' outside dipole.

73's  ...Steve
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Re: Help pulling in Pirate radio stations
« Reply #49 on: January 27, 2013, 0135 UTC »
One more thought on hidden antennas-

The magnet wire, perhaps 18-20 gauge can sometimes be hidden
around and on the outside of the house. If your abode has painted
trim, or eves than it may be possible to install the magnet wire
under a coat of latex paint. First install using tape or some other
adhesive and then to "pretty up" the house by simply painting over
the magnet wire hiding it from all "inspectors". Your own particular
circumstances will dictate, however let you imagination go to work.
Magnet wire can also be hidden by using other parts of typical house
construction. Aluminum or other metal gutters can also be an effective
antenna depending on particular circumstances.

Peace!  weaksigs
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Re: Help pulling in Pirate radio stations
« Reply #50 on: January 28, 2013, 0300 UTC »
MrSmiley I am in the same situation with similar troubles. What I did was put up an unobtrusive random wire on the roof using speaker wire 14gauge, about 75/80ft which is what I had spare. There was already coax coming down to my unit from the roof from a previous satellite system the last tenant had. The only thing lacking is a tuner. If you are in a hi rise and can get roof access you're in business. By law FCC they must allow you access to put up a satellite dish or TV antenna. You can always add a bit extra something up there while you're attending your "TV" antenna ;) as I did. There is so much noise here it's not funny. That is the only problem I've had in a multi unit dwelling, otherwise it's' worked in my benefit as I have vertical height to work with for free as opposed to investing in a tower. I tried putting antennas on my balcony but the noise was too much. Lucky I could get on roof with no interruptions or questions.

Maybe you can see about that if you have a flat roof that can be walked on easily.


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