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Author Topic: Toynbee Radio live transmission - 6925 USB  (Read 1519 times)

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Toynbee Radio live transmission - 6925 USB
« on: December 07, 2008, 0741 UTC »
12/7/08, 0500 UTC (approx.) 6925 USB
An oddity, even by Toynbee Radio standards.

This one sounded like a live transmission, with sounds of microphone being handled, room noises, etc., different audio quality from previously heard pre-recorded Toynbee broadcasts.

0503 UTC: Mic keyed up, fumbling sounds, man saying something like "Sneaky Pete(?) ... calling ... Minority at ... (unintelligible) of hades(?) ... fundamental/metal(?) brain, version zero ... and her/heard(?) mentality(?) need not reply ... Resurrect dead on planet Jupiter ... make and glue tiles, you as American media (unint) Soviet (unint) ... only by destruction of the media can this movement survive ... General Electric will be the death of us all ... the hail/hell? words, the hail/hell of emotions ... (variations of phrase repeated several times) ... then to die ...?"

That's the best I could do with the audio clip I recorded. Fairly good signal, but obscured by static. Some words unintelligible. Ellipses indicate long pauses between phrases.

Two minutes worth: http://www.mediafire.com/?zmn2mimma5d

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