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Author Topic: Goodbye from Steve McGreevy - N6NKS  (Read 1700 times)

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Goodbye from Steve McGreevy - N6NKS
« on: November 14, 2020, 1617 UTC »
Mark and readers:

I am not creating new beacons anymore due to now delving into ELF and other non shortwave realms of EM waves, so the only 4096 beacon of mine is Coxie long dasher on 4069.0 plus and minus drift. I think Rainy is QRT now... unheard even with short daytime skip. HexY2k 6700.50 is still functioning by day amazingly but I wonder if someone has moved it or replaced maintained it in my 14 year absence from Joshua Tree NP. A few days ago MarinDit was in on 8193.77 so that oscillator only beacon on AC power might very well wind up as my final and only beacon signal remaining as they all dwindle away, so enjoy my remaining signals.

I am always laughing here at the "Windy Beacon Monitoring Fan Club" here having been one of a few whom have seen that up close, long ago, in another time...

It is good others are on this bandwagon so I can depart it. Good luck , DXing, and 73...
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