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Author Topic: Introductions! Just got a Tecsun R9012. Any stations I should look for?  (Read 193 times)

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I'm a musician and writer in the midwest USA, and just got a Tecsun R9012 for grins, and in hopes of better sources of news overseas than I get here in the US. So far I've heard several Spanish-language broadcasts, British-accented talk, Australian talk(both the British and Australian shows were about Covid), heard asian music, Japanese talk, Alex Jones(not surprised), and religious programs. My favorite so far is a music station called All Tribes Radio. I don't remember which band and frequency, sorry. It was playing cool 80s-y music that was close to Synthwave. I kept moving the dial around and wasn't able to find that station again. Stations go in and out depending on where I am in the house and which direction I'm facing. Definitely better sounding through headphones. I recommend the extra $10 wire antenna you can get with the Tecsun on Amazon, I think it helps. Let me know your experiences with this radio and any suggestions for stations I should look for. Thanks!

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  • Likely, not where you are.
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CONGRAT's on SWL'ing! For many station, you can go their sites, like WTWW,   http://wtww.us/    , and they're bigger into tunage. Try the sched on WBCQ,    http://wbcq.com/schedule/    Various music programs there. For news, tune-in to CFRX 6070kHz, which is 1010AM CFRB simulcating on the 49M band. Then, there's WRMI's sched,   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1nEVwCMB9RSKowLzLXamyayVpCzjmPAw_SB1r3YOdzQc/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=0
Radio Habana Cuba has much tunage, evenings at 6000kHz,   Oh!!! Then there was this posting a while ago,   https://swling.com/blog/2016/01/b15-broadcast-period-alan-roes-guide-to-music-on-shortwave/
Hope that helps you to some degree. Happy DX'ing!!!!!!
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Here's an update Alan Roe Music Directory: https://swling.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Music-on-Shortwave-B-20-v2.pdf. Keep in mind, you will receive only a fraction of what is listed because of signal strength and intended reception area.

Voice of Turkey and Radio Romania International remain as steadfast traditional governmental broadcasters in English, but also will carry music.  All India Radio (11560) has subcontinent music about 1500-1700 utc.  Voice of Greece has music on 9420 after 1900 utc.  Here's a shortwave directory, fairly self explanatory to use: https://short-wave.info/index.php

Welcome to the board and good luck listening.  Yes, the reel antenna works well - I use one at the beach or on vacation.  I'm on a long wire at home.
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If you were tuned to the Shortwave spectrum, the UK accents may have been the BBC to Africa in English, or possibly Radio New Zealand Int'l, which slams the West coast and probably is heard inland as well.
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