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Author Topic: winter 2020-2021 longwave season brief summary  (Read 1118 times)

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winter 2020-2021 longwave season brief summary
« on: March 15, 2021, 2250 UTC »
Things started off quite nicely in October and early November with some good listening sessions netting several ATNOs.
However, things deteriorated around Thanksgiving time when the neighborhood Christmas decorations went up.
These are not your fathers' incandescent lights.  Nowadays it is LEDs with electronic drivers, flashers, etc.
along with the attendant RFI. Things got worse around Christmas when apparently some new electronic gifts were
put into service.  The noise is coupled back onto the power line due to lack of filtering in the device and is then radiated.
Along with the local generated QRM, there was a double whammy with a spike in solar flux in early December. This
may be a taste of things to come as solar cycle 25 ramps up. 

My longwave listening habits and emphasis may have to change to daytime DXing from local parks where the LW band
is quiet.
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