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Author Topic: Recent Korea logs  (Read 935 times)

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Recent Korea logs
« on: April 20, 2021, 0449 UTC »
KOREA SOUTH. VOH: On 4890, April 16, from 1340 to 1347 UT, Choi Soo-jin's "Morning Special" EBS news
program in English and Korean; not just a news show, but really a language lesson, explaining the meaning
of many of the words used in the news; today's show was originally broadcast via EBS FM on March 29, so
actually old news (item "EBS Radio unveils its new programming lineup today," etc.).

VOH: On 9100, April 9 (Friday), at 1154 UT, with the weekday EBS (Educational Broadcasting System -
https://www.ebs.co.kr/main ) produced English language lesson; as always with a good signal (audio
at https://app.box.com/s/katt9tnlbhi26xjoqbu45gmjbfaqrkeo ). On Sunday (11th), at 0729, the weekend
only reading of a Harry Potter story in both English and Korean. Seems that all the VOH English language
programs (news, etc.) are from EBS FM. VOH continuing with a repeating four hour program loop.

National Unity Radio, 9475, from 1245 to 1246 UT, on April 16 (Friday) with brief Chinese language lesson;
started and ended with Joyce Chu singing "Hao xiang ni - I Miss You; mostly in Korean; gave a few words
in Chinese and a sentence using the words; "Wǒ hǎo gǎndng" (I am very touched); fair, even with N. Korea
jamming; Amano, listening in Japan, heard the same program today, but with considerably stronger jamming
than I heard. On April 19 (Monday), for the first time on this frequency, noted no N. Korea jamming during the
1243-1244 Chinese language lesson.

Voice of Freedom, remains buried on 6045, under very strong super jamming from N. Korea, from 1120+ UT, on
April 19; totally unusable signal.

April 19 (Monday), with frequencies for this week:

Voice of the People: 3480 // 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600, at 1115 UT.

Echo of Hope - VOH: 3990 // 4885 // 6000 (QRM) // 6250 // 6355 // 9100, at 1105 UT.

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