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Author Topic: Radio Free Whatever 6955 was 6970 was 6969 USB 2141 UTC 22 May 2021  (Read 3221 times)

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2305 Nice signal here Mr DW! S9 +10
2311 Worry With You - Sleater-Kinney
2314 Headphones Baby - The Vaccines
2317 Talk and shoutouts by DW.
2319 She's Not There by The Black Angels  [nice choice Skipper!!]
2322 Back To Nothing - Joy Formidable
2327 Too Tired - Kali
2334 Vintage - Blu DeTiger  [thanks DW!] [I like it when sings that her BF knows the words to Mr. Brightside by The Killers!]
2336 DW buys a vintage flip clock as in Groundhog Day ... so cool DW!!
0025 Panoramic View - Spaceface ... Still S9 and sounding good DW!
0032 Highway 6 - The Beaches
0111 Habitat - Momma Signal back up to S9 +10
0128 We Are Between - Modest Mouse [new]. "Good News For People Who Like Bad News" is one of my fav albums.
0133 Dissolve - Absofacto  Thanks DW!!
0140 BBC means what!!!! LOL!
0154 Smile - Wolf Alice
0219 Still a good signal but starting to get a bit weaker here about S7-8
0231 My Head - Public Practice  Last tune for tonite!
0235 DW with sign off announcement. THANKS FOR THE GREAT SHOW!!!
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on 6955 USB          direct
2327 some music, just at noise level
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S9 and sounding great into Alabama Comrade!  Great to hear you on the airwaves tonight!
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S 6-7 w/ great audio, some slow fading
2336 ID
2338 MP3 module tutorial..
2340 Dirty money
2343 Female ID
2344 80"s song idk.

Fine  fine music! Thanks, yeah whateves
0250 Req: Stereo Total -Ich Bin Nackt (I am naked)
2352 Solid S7 Mostly great audio into SW Mich. Occasional deep fade but usually in there.
2353 ID and Rant
0001 Are you ready to hit the road ID
0004 Song id's and shout-outs
0005 Bursts into SONG!!0
0030 Female ID
0035 Song ID's and playing req's.

Dick weed, is the custom ink link still valid?? https://www.customink.com/fundraising/radiofreewhatever No it is not, TY Dick weed --- 0105

0044 Id
0049 Gnats in the bunker
0050 Lets play some ... mis-cued a request
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2343 UTC - Signal is S9 in WNY, audio is booming, Radio Free Whatever ID and other stuff.

Thanks for the show DW !
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Greetings Comrade    I'm enjoying the Broadcast   Really liking Pom Pom Squad and Blu DeTiger

Thanks for tonight's show
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Got it here in CT with a good signal.  Nice rock tune that I do not recognize.  Thanks for show :D
0001, Caught the Radio Free Whatever Id.
Enjoy Life, JustGreg
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DJ Dickweed with talk about last song and shout out, dense rock, canned ID into Indie rock.

S9 here.  Nice signal DJDW.

Thanks for the show.
Mark Taylor
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Music identified with help from Shazam.

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Man I don't believe it.... RFW on a frequency and time combo that works for me in Colorado? Hells to the yeah. Signal's about SIO 222 but I will take it. Long time no hear comrade!
0018 DJDW on the mic. And possibly assistant Stavin? That's harder to tell. Need an ionospheric boost!
0048 DJDW on the mic. Signal's a bit stronger now, sounds like a one man show like it's been for a while. Will see if I can get a request played... Hey comrade? How about "Feast On My Heart" by Pylon? Please and thank you.
0159 signal's really good here now, SIO 444.
0235 Do Whatever and QRT. Thanks for the show!

Video of rx at 0204: https://youtu.be/h6jbPoUgfBc
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S9+ signal

0015 Record Shop - Said The Whale - request
0018 ID Radio Free Whatever

Thanks for the show!
50mi west of Chicago, IL.  SDRPlay, Kenwood R-1000, AOR AR8200, Racal RA17 (being restored) with 100' inverted V.  eQSL please to elburndx@gmail.com

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0:19 UTC  Great sounding S9+ signal tonight!  Don't breathe too many contact cleaner fumes Dick Weed...then again...whatever!
Wearing my 2012-2016 RFW Bunker T-shirt tonight to really get into the groove... ;)  Thanks for the great show
Some Tame Impala would be nice
0:44 Is it True - Tame Impala - Thanks comrade!
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Please eQSL to allengrimsley@cox.net
Signal reports are from my equipment and location in SE VA
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0024 - SIO 555 into Grand Rapids, MI.  Sounding great, DW!

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Nice signal S9+15
0024 Spaceface - Panoramic View
0027 Black Marble - In Manchester
0031 The Beaches  - Highway 6 by
0036 Porches - I Miss That
0040 Flaming Lips - Will You Return / When You Come Down
0044 Tame Impala - Is It True
0050 Post Animal  - How Do You Feel
0056 Mattiel - Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
0059 fanclubwallet - This Must Be the Place

Nice show. Thanks for the broadcast.
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S-9+ listening while camping at Allegheny State Park. 
0:44 "smoke another cigarette and pour a glass of vodka"

0:48 The gnats are terrible here camping.
0:57 Not Steely Dan. LOL
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Solid S9+ here in North Florida. Just tuned in and gonna listen a while.
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