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Author Topic: WBOG Relay WWDJ 970-Hackensack(Memorial Day-1971) 6900 AM 1739 UTC 31 May 2021  (Read 152 times)

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1739 UTC "My Sweet Lord"-George Harrison (Mostly above the noise floor)
1741 UTC Seems to be a relay of a commercial station with pro-DJ, into "OOH Child"-Five Stairsteps
1744 UTC OM DJ and jingle, with W??? station ID, into "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes"-Edison Lighthouse
1747 UTC OM DJ and "Hitchin A Ride"-Vanity Fare
(I guess this is a Top 500 countdown of sorts...still haven't caught a clear ID...a bit overmodulated at peaks)
1753 UTC "500 Countdown of the last 5 years", into "Woodstock"-CSNY
(From the songs being played, this would date back to the early 70's)
1803 UTC A clear ID also heard as "WWDJ Hackensack" (I also heard an ID earlier as "Radio 97")
Thanks for the ID DXAce1!

This old audio recording must be from 1971 or so, as the WWDJ call letters didn't take effect until May of 1971

Here's a link to a recording from 1739-1811 UTC:

This really brings back memories! I was 16 years old in May of 1971 and carried around my little Radio Shack transistor radio everywhere I went....back when I still had the world by the tail...thought I did anyway! The songs were the Top 100 of 1970....
Thanks for the relay whoever!

Is there any chance of getting a copy of the original show recording? I would greatly appreciate it!  :)
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Re: Unid 6900 AM 1739 UTC 31 May 2021
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2021, 1755 UTC »
1755 tune in, DJ with time check that doesn't match so this is
obviously a recording of an old show from a FM or AM station
WWDJ Hackensack is the ID
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Re: Unid 6900 AM 1739 UTC 31 May 2021
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1809 UTC WWDJ Hackensack ID
1810 UTC The Rapper
1812 UTC WWDJ Hackensack ID
1813 UTC Indiana Wants Me
1815 UTC Cecillia

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There are two stations on this frequency
18.19 on the SDR in Lorain County "Borne To Be Wild"
18.19 on the SDR in Vermont "We All Shine On" later "WBOW" ID

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