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Author Topic: Updating Korea  (Read 1081 times)

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Updating Korea
« on: June 16, 2021, 2159 UTC »
KOREA NORTH[non]. 5980,  Shiokaze/Sea Breeze, on June 15, caught them with ID and off
(1433-1435* UT); fair/good, with no jamming, but light QRM from OTH radar.

6040 // 5935, Shiokaze/Sea Breeze, via Yamata (Japan). This from Hiroshi - June 16 (Wednesday)
now reporting that 1300-1400 UT, will henceforth be in English on Wednesday (ex: Thursday),
as it was today.

FYI  - - - - - - -  From Hiroshi:

"United Nations symposium live broadcast.

On Tuesday, June 29, the United Nations Symposium on the Abduction Issue will be held online,
co-sponsored by the Governments of Japan, the United States, Australia and the EU. Japan, the
United States, the Australian Government and the EU will hold an online symposium as a side
event of the United Nations with the participation of representatives of UN member states under
the theme of "international cooperation to resolve the abduction issue as a global issue". It will
be held. At this symposium, we will listen to the complaints of the "live voice" of victims' families
in Japan and other countries, and invite North Korean experts from each country to discuss ways
to resolve the abduction issue. I will do it. The symposium will be broadcast live on the United
Nations Web TV (English) and the official video channel of the YouTube Abduction Issue
Countermeasures Headquarters (Japanese), so please watch it.
・ United Nations Web TV
・ YouTube Abduction Issue Countermeasures Headquarters Official Video Channel
           https://www.youtube.com/c/rachitaichannel This pattern will be broadcast live on the day
           of the shortwave broadcast.
June 29 (Tuesday), 1200-1340 UTC, 11890kHz Japanese and 11995kHz Korean.  
http://www.rachi.go.jp/en/archives/2021/0519anouncesympo.html ."

KOREA NORTH/SOUTH. Pyongyang BS, 3320 // 6160 (ex: 6400 silent), at 1155 UT, on June 14;
both fair.

Echo of Unification, 3945 // 5905, June 14; open carrier at 1156 UT; fair at 1159, with IS. My audio
is at http://bit.ly/3xrUb2t .

KCBS Pyongyang, 3250 // 3959, at 1210 UT, on June 14; both equally fair; 3920 had been used in
the past, but not today.
Voice of Freedom, 6045, at 1100 UT, on June 14; covered by the usual super jamming from N. Korea;
super jamming also back on 6135 (nothing there to be jammed!); while VOF's ex: 5920 had no jamming,
but strong OTH radar. We can only hope they will soon return to 5920, where they normally have good
reception free of jamming and not often OTHR.

Observed frequencies on June 14 (Monday) for this week for VOP and VOH:

Voice of the People: 3480 // 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600, at 1055 UT; another week with no change
of frequencies.

Echo of Hope - VOH: 3985 // 4890 // 5995 // 6255 // 6350 // 9105, from 1122 to 1151 UT, the weekday
English language lesson (on weekends this time period has the reading in English of a "Harry Potter" story,
with explanations in Korean); reception on 4890 // 9105, is normally good. My audio is at http://bit.ly/2SDGsXC .
VOH continues with a four hour program loop; same program repeated every four hours.

Here is a picture of a morning visitor to the beach, near where I SWL -  http://bit.ly/3xqZ23T .

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
CR-1, antenna: 100' long wire

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Re: Updating Korea
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2021, 1524 UTC »
One day only special broadcast of the "United Nations Symposium on the Abduction Issues," *1200-1400* UT, June 29,
with only 11995 being usable and 11890 being too weak to be usable; per Hiroshi, both via Taiwan; 11995 with CODAR
QRM and audio with non-stop simultaneous translation (Japanese) underneath a somewhat stronger, different audio in
several languages (Korean and English); commenting about Japan/N. Korea abduction issues, family members telling
stories about abducted relatives, analysis of US policy towards DPRK, etc.; unfortunately heard with double audio feeds
the entire time, making for very unpleasant listening, even with a good signal strength; at 1357, both audio feeds ended
simultaneously. My 11 minute audio of a few English segments is posted at http://bit.ly/3h2coOB .

KOREA SOUTH. This week's frequencies:

Echo of Hope - VOH, June 28 (Monday), at 1220 UT; heard 3985 // 4880 // 5995 // 6245 // 6350 // 9095 kHz.

VOP, at 1225 UT, with another week with no change; 3480 // 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600 kHz..

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
CR-1, antenna: 100' long wire


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