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Author Topic: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 Jun 2021  (Read 1690 times)

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BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 Jun 2021
« on: June 26, 2021, 0057 UTC »
00:57 UTC - BallSmacker Radio: carrier is up;
00:58 UTC - Interval signal;
01:00 UTC - Broadcast begins.
01:20 UTC - Station ID. Some fading but very conditions to my location, S9 to +15;
01:27 UTC - Station ID. I am testing with the Belka receiver, stock telescopic antenna and indoors by the window. No issues with the signal. It is punching through good.
02:24 UTC - End of broadcast.

Thank you for the show.

RSPduo | Barker & Williamson antenna | Toronto, Ontario Canada
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2021, 0058 UTC »
0058:  Carrier then interval music.  Just above the noise.
0100:  Ballsmacker Radio ID into Billy Joel "Tell Her About It".  Just above the noise.
0103:  Beatles "Tell Me Why".  Just above the noise.
0106:  Ballsmacker Radio ID into Eagles "I Can't Tell You Why." Signal improving S/7.
0110:  Zombies "Tell Her No." S/7.
0112:  Ballsmacker Radio ID with contact info for reception reports into unid Rush song.  Just above the noise.
0117:  Signal up!!!
0117:  Unid music selection, "Telling you" lyrics.  S/7
0119:  Ballsmacker 6960 kHz AM ID into unid music selection, "Kiss and tell," lyrics.  Just above the noise.
0124:  Herman's Hermits "I'm Into Something Good."  S/7
0127:  Ballsmacker Radio ID with crashing pins into unid music selection, "Tell me something good," lyrics.   
0131:  Unid music selection.  "I know something about love," lyrics.  S/7
0133:  Ballsmacker Radio ID with crashing pins into Night Ranger "Don't Tell Me You Love Me."  S/7
0138:  Unid music selection.  Just under the noise.
0140:  Ballsmacker Radio ID into unid music selection.  Just under the noise.
0145:  Unid music selection.  Just below the noise.
0147:  Ballsmacker ID into Train "Drops of Jupiter".  S/7.
0149:  +5 peaks!!!!
0150:  +5
0151:  +10
0151:  Unid music selection. Just below the noise.
0154:  Ballsmacker.net Radio ID into Chicago "No Tell Lover".  Just below the noise.
0200:  Ballsmacker Radio ID with contact information for reception reports into Madonna "Live To Tell!!!!"  S/7
0205:  S/9
0206:  Unid music selection.
0209:  Ballsmacker Radio with pins crashing into Taylor Dayne "Tell It To My Heart".  Just above the noise.
0212:  Steely Dan "Any Major Dude Will Tell You!!!!!!"  Just above the noise.
0215:  Ballsmacker Radio ID into Al Wilson "Show and Tell". S/7
0219:  Unid music selection.  S/7
0222:  SSTV  Scottie 2.  P2.
0223:  Ballsmacker ID with contact information for reception reports and QSL's.  Just above the noise.  "See you next time," into interval music.
0225:  S/O

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ICOM IC-R8600 fed into a 41' RF Systems MLBA-MK1 long wire antenna running vertically at approximately 45 degrees from roof to ground.
QTH 22 miles west of Chicago.
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2021, 0058 UTC »
Wildfire Interval.
Ballsmacker Radio Good evening Ham Samiches.
01:00 Tell her about It Billy Joel The Piano Man from New York Once married to model/actress Christy Brinkley...featured in Uptown Girl Video for Billy Joel.
0:103 Tell Me Why The Fab 4 The Beatles from Liverpool, England. Started as the Quarrymen and playing in the Cavern Club.
01:05 I Cant tell you Why  The Eagle Rock icons of the the 1970s Eagles still playing today! band features ham radio operator Joe Walsh WB6ACU.
01:10 Tell Her No The Zombies
Proton Addy given for Reception Report for EQSL.
01:13 She Dont Tell RUSH
01:17 Im Telling you now Freddie and the Dreamers.
Ballsmacker ID and Freqs.
01:20 Kiss and Tell Bryan Ferry formerly with Glam rock group Roxy Music.
01:24 I'm into Something Good Hermans Hermits! From Manchester, England.
01:27 Tell Me something Good Chaka Kahn with Rufus Chaka had a part in the Blues Brothers Movie Classic 70s Soul sensations featured on Super Bad Record album...20 soulsational hits from the brothers and sisters that made them great! Super Bad, Albums $5.99, eight track tapes $6.99 from KTELL.
01:31 Tell Him The Exciters.
01:34 Don't tell me you love me Night Ranger

How about Pink Floyds Mother....Tell Me?
Tell Me When The Whistle Blows Elton John?

01:38 Tell it to the Rain Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons from New Jersey Frankie Valli with sucessfull solo career. Frankie known for his falsetto voice.

01:41 Tell Me When the Whistle Blows Elton John From the Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy Album released in 1975. Monster album with #1 Hit Somebody Saved My Life Tonight.

Hyde Park is in London, England! Can you shoot the fast cue? Elton did! 1975 the height of Eltons career at that time.
01:45 Tell Me Like it is Arron Neville.
Part of the Neville Brothers
Ballsmacker Radio ID.
01:47 Drops off Jupiter Train.
01:51 You Never can Tell Chuck Berry. Featured in Pulp Fiction
A pioneer of Rock and Roll...known for his famous guitar duck walk. Chuck featured in the movie American Hot Wax!
Ballsmacker.net ID.
01:54 No Tell Lover Chicago featuring Perter Cetera on vocals Chicago once known as the Chicago Transit Authority early in their career. One of the tightest Horn sections in music.
01:58 Tell Me Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Guitar virtuoso!
Proton Addy given for Theme and Reception Report.
02:01 Live to tell Madonna Ciconni of Bay City, Michigan Big hit for Madonna in the 1980s Remix version
Queen of Pop.
02:06 Tell Laura I love Her Ray Peterson


02:09 Tell it to my Heart Tayylor Dayne

HOW ABOUT THE WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE??? Where did the Lone Ranger take his trash???? To da Dump To the Dump, To the dump dump dump!!

02:12 Any Major Dude will do The Steely Dan! Started as studio musicians in the early days! becker and Fagan! One of the best group of musicians in music.
02:15 Show and Tell Soul musician Al Wilson.
02:19 Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye The Casinos
Ballsmacker SSTV image.
Thats all Addy given Proton.
Wildfire Interval.
Off the Air

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Thank you!
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2021, 0059 UTC »
0058 - Interval signal S9 into NYC
0100 - Billy Joel - Tell Her about It
0103 - The Beatles - Tell Me Why
0105 - The Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why
0110 - The Zombies - Tell Her No
0113 - Rush - Show Don't Tell
0117 - Freddie & The Dreamers - I'm Telling You Now
0119 - Bryan Ferry - Kiss And Tell
0124 - Herman's Hermits- I'm Into Something Good
0126 - Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan - Tell Me Something Good
0131 - The Exciters- Tell Him
0133 - Night Ranger - Don't Tell Me You Love Me

Thanks for the show!
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #4 on: June 26, 2021, 0100 UTC »
signal S9 on the SDR in Fair Hill, Maryland
00.58 piano
01.00 ID
01.00 song "Tell Her About It"
01.04 song "Tell Me Why"
01.06 ID
01.06 song "I Can't Tell You Why"
01.10 song "Tell Her No"
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A German living in Bali / Indonesia
I use WebSDR’s
please QSL to: fschuettig_dx1@yahoo.com

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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #5 on: June 26, 2021, 0102 UTC »
Peaking at S9+25 with some QRN

0100 ID
0100 Tell Her About It - Billy Joel
50mi west of Chicago, IL.  SDRPlay, Kenwood R-1000, AOR AR8200, Racal RA17 (being restored) with 100' inverted V.  eQSL please to elburndx@gmail.com

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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #6 on: June 26, 2021, 0104 UTC »
SINPO=55544 here initially, but QRN creeping in by 108, down to SINPO=45333 quite quickly.

104- "Tell Me Why" by The Beatles.
105- Recorded YL ID "From some wires thrown up in the trees...Ball Smacker Radio," followed by bowling pins sound effect.
106- "I Can't Tell You Why" by The Eagles.
110- "Tell Her No" by The Zombies.
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All reception from this location, radio and antenna.
QTH New Hampshire (70 miles north of Boston).
Tecsun S-8800 and Kenwood R-2000, with about 135 feet of wire thrown up in the trees.
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #7 on: June 26, 2021, 0111 UTC »
0059 Sign on with Wildfire, ID, and songs with "Tell" in their titles... S9+

0110 Tell Her No - Zombies   Starting to fade a bit now .... damn!
0114 Deep fading, losing signal into the noise floor now ..... hopefully it will come back ... nope .... the band has gone long ....
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #8 on: June 26, 2021, 0119 UTC »
Tuned in at 0118utc on Barrington Hills IL sdr, fair/poor signal with static from weather, song "I'm telling you now" by Freddie and the dreamers from 1965, Ball Smacker ID at 0120 with bowling sound then another pop tune I can't ID, at 0125 song "I'm into something good" by Herman's Hermits from 1964, nice program, thanks. BTW, several other Illinois sdr's seem to missing their antenna connections because there is nothing but hiss on their waterfalls, 
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Drake R8, Kenwood R-2000, Panasonic RF-4900, Sony 2010, Realistic DX440, Grundig Satellit 500, 7mhz backyard dipole, Mt Prospect, IL 20miles (32km) NW of downtown Chicago. I have been using online receivers because of strong data hash interference in my neighborhood that I believe is caused by Uverse squeezing up to 100mb/sec through ordinary pairs of wires. I don't have Uverse but neighbors do. williamhassig@yahoo.com

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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #9 on: June 26, 2021, 0130 UTC »
S9-10 near Indianapolis ....better than it was last week for me plus I dont have storms in the area tonight  ;D
Near Indianapolis, Indiana   EN70
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W6LVP on a rotor about 10’ up
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #10 on: June 26, 2021, 0148 UTC »
Unfortunately, I can not receive way out West but surely this play list needs "Ho-TEL California" for all of us out on the Left Coast  ;D

Gotcha on Milford, PA sdr....great reception, Thanks Ball Smacker

0152 "You Can Never Tell" Chuck Berry...will always remind me of the hysterical Pulp Fiction
0154 ID to "No Tell Lover" Chicago
0159  Gone from Milford sdr, faint on sdr in Utah now
0212: "Any Major Dude Will Tell You" Steely Dan, getting reception on Utah sdr now, maybe you will make it to Oakland after sunset  (0330 utc)
0217 "Show and Tell" Al Wilson
0221 "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" The Casinos
0222 SSTV
0224 OM talking but not clear enough to understand
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Tecsun H501x (broadcast received on this unless noted), Zenith T/O G500, Zenith T/O Royal 7000, Emerson AR-176, Zenith 8S154, T/O 7G605 (Bomber), Tecsun PL-600, Tecsun PL-880, Zenith 5S320, Realistic DX 160 using 40 feet of copper wire.  With apologies to Senator Gramm for his thoughts on firearms, "I have more radios than I need but not as many as I want."
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #11 on: June 26, 2021, 0151 UTC »
Really good sounding tunes. Thanks for the show Ball Smacker Radio. Signal is S9+10.

You are sounding very good tonight.  Ball Smacker address by YL. Audio is coming through really well. Thanks.
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All logs made from my own SDRs, boatanchors, and antennas
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #12 on: June 26, 2021, 0155 UTC »
on 6960.0            direct in Europe
0152 music, known tune, 0156 blues-rock,
0200 talking, with ID+@ but only 'dot com' copied, 0201 music,
0206 "Tell laura I love her" in the lyrics, noisy, 0209 short ID (OK this time), next, etc...
0222 SSTV, 0223 talking, ID @protonmail.com,
0224 bit of music,
0225 OFF
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #13 on: June 26, 2021, 0157 UTC »
0157 not much to copy early on, but music is coming through now. Thanks for the show.
Denver, CO.
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 6960 AM 0057 UTC 26 JUNE 2021
« Reply #14 on: June 26, 2021, 0229 UTC »
Nice signal above the fairly heavy summer noise. Clear IDs
Please QSL to: POB 109, BRS, PA 17214
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