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Author Topic: Dr.Benway 1720 AM? 0153 UTC 7 Feb 2009  (Read 2048 times)

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Dr.Benway 1720 AM? 0153 UTC 7 Feb 2009
« on: February 07, 2009, 0308 UTC »
0153utc 3480usb 2-7-09
Hearing Dr. Benway talking about someone mashing something up in a mortar and pestle into Peter Gabriel. SINPO 25233.
Steady signal but quite a bit of static here.

0200utc More Peter Gabriel after talk by The Good Dr.

0206utc Undercover Radio ID with QSL info. Dr. Benway talking about being one with all.

0210utc "Time to Kick Out The Rock!"

0225utc I think this is Iron Maiden? Anyway great signal here! SINPO 35344. Almost no Fade.

0229utc The Dr. Checking in with the FRN. "Now Something Weird"
Going to 1720usb with a special QSL Card if you can hear me.

Listening with a YB400pe and whip.

Good to hear you DR!
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