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Author Topic: Possible new'ish beacon on about 4096.39 kHz  (Read 625 times)

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Possible new'ish beacon on about 4096.39 kHz
« on: August 20, 2021, 0017 UTC »

I have been seeing what may be a beacon on about 4096.39 kHz.  I have seen this for several months, possibly over 6 months (will have to check recordings to confirm) and it feels / looks / acts like a possible beacon.  But I am not sure, and if it is not a beacon then I do not have a good guess as to what it is.

I have never gotten this signal very strong, so I still have a lot of questions about it.  The following are approximates, since I have yet to get a good enough SNR on the signal to confirm some of them.

The freq is about 4096.39 kHz and appears stable, the signal may be about 34 Hz wide, and could be an approximate 22 Hz shift FSK.  I cannot confirm it is FSK, but it sounds and looks like it could be.  And the signal certainly has some kind of width to it, but again, I have not had a good enough signal to get much detail.  I have been waiting to get a good sig before reporting this, but it seems I may never get a decent signal on it so I thought I would put it out for others to keep an eye open.


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Re: Possible new'ish beacon on about 4096.39 kHz
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2021, 0416 UTC »
I will look at this freq whenever I log into any of the SDRs and report back if I think I see it.
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