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Author Topic: Korea: Echo of Hope - VOH: anomaly with frequency changes on both Monday & Tuesd  (Read 866 times)

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KOREA SOUTH. 9105 (same frequency as last week), Echo of Hope - VOH, Sept 20 (Monday), at 1535, the weekday TV audio feed
for the English language lesson ("Wang cho bo yeong-eo" - Beginner's English); in Korean and English; this conforms to their four hour
program loop; these programs can be heard at 0735 & 1135 & 1535 UT.

Earlier at 1430, VOH noted with interesting anomaly this week; instead of all frequencies changing on Monday as usual, this week only
three frequencies changed from last week (3990 [ex 3985] // 6000 [ex 5995] // 6355 [ex 6350]; while three remained the same as last
week (4890 // 6255 // 9105).

But then the next day (Sept 21 - Tuesday), at 1440, the three unchanged frequencies had changed (4885 [ex 4890] [Ralph, you did well
to catch them on their first day here!] // 6250 [ex 6255] // 9100 [ex 9105]). So VOH has divided up the changes between Monday and
something that has never happened before!

Voice of the People, as usual, remains the same for this week (3480 [still the best reception by far] // 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600).


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