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Author Topic: Korea - Oct 4 (Monday)  (Read 833 times)

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Korea - Oct 4 (Monday)
« on: October 04, 2021, 1327 UTC »

KOREA SOUTH. Monday (Oct 4) observations at 0725 UT:

Echo of Hope - VOH, start of the weekday audio feed from a TV program called "Wang cho bo yeong-eo" (translated into
English - Beginner's English); intro & exit theme song is the "Party Will Come Alive" by Wizardz Of Oz (with Ruben Martinez);
the usual intro with announcer saying "English trainer" and gives his name ("Mayu"), then the woman announcer says her name
("Mini"), then they both say in English, "Good morning everybody." Program will be repeated again at 1125 & 1525 UT.

The new VOH frequencies for this week: 3980 // 4885 (strong Brazil QRM) // 5990 (leaving Mali on 5995 in the clear!) // 6250
// 6348 // 9100 kHz.

Voice of the People - Oct 4 (Monday), at 1205 UT; no change of frequency for this week: 3910 // 3930 // 4450 // 6520 // 6600 kHz.

VOP on 3480 continues to be off the air! Have they moved to a new frequency?

Voice of Freedom, on 5920, at 0725, heard North Korea pulsating jamming and VOF open carrier before their *0753 UT sign on.

There is ongoing news of better relations: "North and South Korea restore cross-border hotline" (Oct 4 -  http://bit.ly/2WBRaQk )

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