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Author Topic: Xiegu G90  (Read 670 times)

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Re: Xiegu G90
« Reply #15 on: November 09, 2021, 2319 UTC »
When I was doing my G90 research I found the same item for around $67.00 here and there. I did read that the rig gets a bit warm. I wonder how hot it would do get on SSTV/PSK31 at 20 watts. When I run my Yaesu rig, I always back down the power to 50 watts or so. I think 20 watts would be enough power for those modes, but I'd imagine the G90 would get a bit warm at full power if people notice the heat for CW/SSB operation.

I will definitely buy one at some point.... I hope. They make a mobile mount also. Would be great to run mobile 10/11 with a 10/11M amp and a trimmed 102'' whip .You could probably even go a bit lower in frequency with that same style amp. I wouldn't go too far though.
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Re: Xiegu G90
« Reply #16 on: November 26, 2021, 0019 UTC »
Some notes on my experience with the 90;

Put ferrites on everything, mic, any cable that goes into the rig, and put some on the coax. The power cable is very prone to picking up rf so ferrite it and some twist the wires to reduce rfi further.

Powering the rig on with certain input cables connected such as the cat control port can cause firmware corruption.

Some find simply swapping ends of the mic cable reduces or eliminates intermittent opens at the mic cable connector in the rig, also some have replaced the mic cable with a cat cable.

Careful selection of firmware and adjustment of controls can make for a very reliable and effective rig.

I find a noise blanker setting of 5 and a width of 10 reduces most random hf pops and crashes without impacting dynamic range much if at all. Unlike stated at this review you can adjust the nb and it is effective;

Shutting off the display by quick press of the power switch reduces the ma used a bit and saves the display backlight, mine's set to a very low backlight setting and find it perfectly usable even in brightly lit indoors.

Join the xiegu g90 groups,io for a lot of info and files;

When I was first looking for something portable with low current draw, excellent rx performance, and sdr capabilities along with effective tx power, a mini Icom Pro3 is what I imagined. Well that was a tough order till the 90 came along, and as luck would have it, sherweng rates it above the Pro3;

A linear 10a psu is perfect for the 90, ample current and no rfi as in the case of a switcher psu.

I found a deal at qth for a complete kit, g90, fan/mount, and the hockey puck interface for less than a new one and it was all only a few months old.

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Re: Xiegu G90? Just bought one, and tried it Sunday 28th. AM performance?
« Reply #17 on: November 26, 2021, 2056 UTC »
I guess I'll find out next week. I'd just bought a used one. I like the idea of all-in-one package and not have a computer tied to yet another appliance. So, has anyone tried this rig on AM TX to see how it sounds?
UPDATE 11/29/2021: The rig from MTC, (Main Trading Co.,),   https://www.mtcradio.com/  for $369.00, free shipping, came Saturday. So, got 1/2 of Sunday to try it out. Date code is Jan. 2021, so a pretty recent 2nd-hand rig. Gotta' say, for that 'lil 1.8" DIA OLED screen, it's very sharp and concise. Even did a Toronto, ON P.O.T.A. Station on 1st try. Nice, to have eyes as well as ears. I've yet to try an AM QSO on this rig, but certainly plan too and see what opinions that I get. So far, only complaints are that the COMP is all, or nothing, so you have to 'Ride-The-Gain' on the mic. CW decoder is iffy, at best, but I'm still trying the learn the rig's 'Sweet-spot' there. And,  when to goto programmed Memory Channels, you can't tune off from them, like you can with many other rigs, which is my preference of band and mode switching. Still, these are not deal-breakers by any means. And consider this, how much would you pay for a separate antenna analyzer? It has one built-in! . My MFJ-259C was like $250.00, and my original MFJ-269 PRO was like $500.00 in 2005. So, nice!!!! QRP'ers will like this rig going down to 1W. The no EXT Speaker Jack??? I plan to make one. Looks doable. 
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Re: Xiegu G90
« Reply #18 on: November 30, 2021, 0041 UTC »
On cw decode I find 300hz filter and set to 20wpm and it takes right off on a decent sig, does pretty well for a dsp decoder. Also for some reason decoder dislikes changing the cw sidetone from 800, I like 600 but decode was greatly hindered at that freq, wonder if the cw decoder doesn't track offset changes?

A few things would really be nice to have;
 one is decimation levels - this will increase dynamic range at the expense of displayed spectrum and 48khz on such a tinys creen is nuts

another is if they made a user sdk for the firmware where one could roll their own gui, psk and fsk modes built in, etc etc
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Re: Xiegu G90
« Reply #19 on: November 30, 2021, 0256 UTC »
I have a G90 and have been producing Youtube videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbBSwXJzVtkX6ovo-QZATA on getting the most out of it.

It is a very decent radio especially for the price. But there are the obvious drawbacks of the tiny screen, a somewhat un-intuitive user interface and only 20 watts (which for digital and CW is just fine).

But it is quite capable and well worth the price. Could it be your only radio? Sure, but the 'smallness' factor can get a bit tedious. It is not my only radio, but I use it quite a bit, especially on 10 meters and for digital modes.