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« on: November 18, 2021, 0310 UTC »
KOREA SOUTH. Monday (Nov 15) observations:

Echo of Hope - VOH, this week again with two frequencies silent (alternate 5990-5995-6000 & 9095-9100-9105); while 3990 // 4885 (killing Brazil
reception) // 6250 // 6355 were all on the air and not jammed on their new alternate frequencies today at 0920 UT, but the next day (Nov 16) all were
jammed by N. Korea; so Brazil (4885), was doubly killed!

Voice of the People, this week the same three frequencies were silent today - 3930, 3480 & 4450; while 3910 // 6520 // 6600 all active today, at 0925 UT.
Interesting to note Nov 16, that 3930 & 4450, were briefly heard again for a short time about 1043, but didn't stay on for long.

Voice of Freedom (6045). Am happy to report that the N. Korean pulsating jamming (formerly 0700-1100 UT) is now totally silent, leaving very good
reception here; Nov 14, at 0900 UT - time tone; station jingle "jinsil-e soli, huimang-e soli, jayu-e soli bangsong!" (Voice of truth, Voice of hope, Voice
of Freedom Broadcast), "Jayu-e solibangsong-eseo ohu 6 (yeoseos) sileul allyeodeulibnida" ("Voice of Freedom announces 6pm"), "Bodo gwangjang"
(News Plaza); after 0923, QRM from OTH radar.

Asilomar State Beach, Calif. (near Monterey)
Etón E1; external antenna of 100 ft. long wire


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