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Author Topic: 11 meters just opened 1412 UTC 24 DEC 2021  (Read 457 times)

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11 meters just opened 1412 UTC 24 DEC 2021
« on: December 24, 2021, 1413 UTC »
1412 38L Northern Ireland
1426 38L Yorkshire England
1429 27480 USB very strong. Italy? Yes. Northwest Italy.
1443 27555 Mexico QSY to 27575
1447 36L Italy
1455 27495 USB South France
1515 27585 USB Spain
1520 27340 LSB Italy
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Re: 11 meters just opened 1412 UTC 24 DEC 2021
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2021, 1503 UTC »
11m DX is finally starting to open here as well. I was tracking the progress earlier today here:


Took a short break from listening to build an airspyhf module for SoapySDR to properly enable AGC in GQRX. Came back to DX activity.

Listening to 27480U at 1500z. Noted activity on 27430U (France), 27540U, 27555U, etc.

European DX on 27385L at 1505z. Of particular note, heard a decent signal from France calling CQ NA.

Perhaps about time to turn on the 11m rig here.

Conditions are variable at 1613z. Have been intermittently hearing stations ranging from Scotland to SoCal on 27385L, though I have yet to snag a CQ today.

11m propagation is not great here at 1803z. 27385L is moving stateside, though not huge signals for the most part. 27025A is hopping, but I would have to time travel for my 1990s 11m station to successfully talk there. o.0

Think I briefly worked Canada on 27385L at 1812z. It was kind of a jumble.

Worked Ontario on 27385L at 1817z. Had a short pleasant QSO.

I am taking a diversion for awhile. I am in the middle of assembling and deploying an 11m horizontal dipole. At least it should be slightly bi-directional versus my 18' end-fed vertical.

Pieced together a rotatable 11m horizontal dipole from various parts.

2x Radio Shack 21-988 64" Loaded Whips
2x Antenna Mirror Mounts
~21' Mast (2x 10.5' top rail)
2A 100uH inductor
Multiple snap-on ferrites

I think around 75' of Radio Shack RG-8M.

Yeah I know loaded whips are not ideal for efficiency and bandwidth, but they were the only matching 11m whips I had in parts. 11m SWR is around 1.7:1 to 1.5:1. IIRC, SWR holds around 1.5:1 or less to well above the CB band. Tuning is is a little high for CB, but whatever, as I favor the SSB frequencies for DX anyway.

Right now it is pointed vaguely NNW/SSE. I probably will turn it NE/SW if attempting to work European DX tomorrow. ;)

I have one 102" stainless whip. I need to get another one to match, then replace those loaded whips.

$60 for an 102" stainless whip, plus another $20 to $30 for a decent spring mount. No thanks. A Maco V-Quad, moxon, or other small beam is looking more interesting IMO.

Conditions are highly variable at 0349z, but I did manage to just work Pennsylvania on 27365L. On the 18' end-fed vertical. I did not pull an inside coax run for the dipole…. yet?

As if conditions are not rough enough tonight, we get holiday music on 27385L at 0414z.

Now for the QRM to start at 0420z. Sigh.
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