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Author Topic: Shiokaze/Sea Breeze, via Yamata (Japan) with special year-end program  (Read 952 times)

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6085 kHz., Shiokaze/Sea Breeze, via Yamata (Japan), 1307 UT (scheduled 13-14), Dec 29. Normally would be in English
on Wednesday, but today in Japanese, with the annual, special year-end program
; with a totally different format than usual; a
presentation of Jang Jin-Sung's poems "I Sell My Daughter for 100 Won" (Won, the currency of N. Korea); reception was fairly
good, without jamming till after 1130, while // 7250 was totally unusable; thanks to Hiroshi for a lot of info about this special show;
he indicates this same show was first aired in May, 2011 and has been repeated numerous times over the years. My audio is
at http://bit.ly/32Id0Ew .

Additional online info about Jang Jin-Sung and his poems is at http://bit.ly/3HlbBTh :

"The poet, Jang Jin-Sung, used to be a citizen and well renowned poet of North Korea. Kim Jong-Il even read and appreciated his
work. In 2004, he left for South Korea and published several memoirs on living conditions in the North. This poem, published in a
collection, shows the poor quality of life of the working class. Jang Jin-Sung criticized the North Korean regime through his poetry
as he remembered the great famine of millions of citizens while the wealthy did not nothing but watch."

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