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Author Topic: BallSmacker Radio 4030 AM 0156 UTC 22 JAN 2022  (Read 621 times)

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BallSmacker Radio 4030 AM 0156 UTC 22 JAN 2022
« on: January 22, 2022, 0156 UTC »
BallSmacker Radio 4030.0 kHz AM 01:56 UTC 22 JANUARY 2022

01:56 UTC - Carrier is up. No signal to my location and monitoring via the Laurel Springs KiwiSDR.
01:58 UTC - Interval signal;
02:00 UTC - Broadcast begins;
02:01 UTC - Appears as the other station on USB has now gone off the air;
03:34 UTC - SSTV;
03:36 UTC - Sign-off, Wildfire interval signal and end of broadcast;
03:37 UTC - Carrier off.

Thank you for the show.

Monitoring also available via the live stream: https://ballsmacker.net/
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 4030 AM 0156 UTC 22 JAN 2022
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2022, 0157 UTC »
Widfire Interval.
Good Evening Ham Samiches.
Ballsmacker Radio ID.
02:01 Adult Education Hall and Oates Massive rock duo in the 70s and 80s.
02:04 Charlie Brown The Coasters Massive 50s hit
02:07 My Old School The Steely Dan.

How about Another Brick in the Wall Pink Floyd?
Schools Out Alice Cooper?
Be True to your School The Beach Boys?
ABC Jackson 5?
Teacher I need You Elton John?
Hot for Teacher Van Halen?
Don't Stand So Close To Me The Police?
Beautyschool Dropout Grease Soundtrack?
Ohio CSN? Kent State Unniversity
Rock and Roll Highschool The Ramones?
Walk This Way Aerosmith?

02:12 Hey Schoolgirl Tom and Jerry Not the famous cartoon mouse duo.
Ballsmacker Radio ID.
02:14 Jeremy Pearl Jam
02:19 School Day Chuck Berry A pioneer of Rock and Roll Famous for his Guitar Duck Walk.
Ballamacker Radio ID.
Teacher I need You Elton John From the Don't Shoot Me Im the Piano Player Album 1973. One of my favorite Elton Albums

John Wayne Stances and Errol Flynn Advances!!!!

02:26 Old School Yard Cat Stevens.
Massive hit macker in the 1970s.
Proton Addy given for Reception Report.
02:29 School Super Tramp.
02:34 Wonderful World Sam Cooke Song used in Animal House and Witness.
Ballsmacker Radio ID.
02:37 Chalkdust Torture Phish.
02:41 Smokin in the Boys Room Brownsville Station 1973.


02:44 The Harper Valley PTA Jeanie C. Riley Massive Country Music Hit in the 1970s.

Who remembers Peyton Place????

02:47 Beautyschool Dropout Frankie Baby Avalon Grease Soundtrack.
Frankie Avalon Teenage Idol along with the late Annette Funicello.

A HOOKER???????? Get off the Pot????? Oh that POT!

Ballsmacker Radio ID.
02:51 school Days Al Green Soul Hit maker in the 1970s
02:54 Another Brick in the Wall 2 The Pink Floyd. Became a number one hit at the suggestion of Producer Ezrine to have a disco beat. It was the The Walls biggest hit! Great Gilmour guitar solo. The students of the school singing eventually sued to get royalty for singing on the song.

How can you have any pudding if you dont eat your meat???

Proton Addy given for valid reception report and Theme.
02:59 Hot for Teacher Van Halen.
03:02 Be True to your school The Beachboys with the Cheerleader shouts.

Loosing signal.............

Ballsmacker Radio ID.
03:05 Don't Stand So Close to Me The Police. Based on the Lolita Books

Signal just below the noise level.

03:09 The Futures so Bright.
Timbuck 3.

Gone in the noise!!!!!!!!


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Thank you!
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 4030 AM 0156 UTC 22 JAN 2022
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2022, 0203 UTC »
Was already on 4030 on Barrington Hills IL sdr with weak S7 signal and switched to am at 0159 when I heard Ballsmacker interval music then bowling ball sound, 
Drake R8, Kenwood R-2000, Panasonic RF-4900, Sony 2010, Realistic DX440, Grundig Satellit 500, 7mhz backyard dipole, Mt Prospect, IL 20miles (32km) NW of downtown Chicago. I have been using online receivers because of strong data hash interference in my neighborhood that I believe is caused by Uverse squeezing up to 100mb/sec through ordinary pairs of wires. I don't have Uverse but neighbors do. williamhassig@yahoo.com

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Re: BallSmacker Radio 4030 AM 0156 UTC 22 JAN 2022
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2022, 0204 UTC »
Great S9+ signal into northern Ohio tonight. Hope it last.

Another excellent broadcast tonight, thank you BallSmacker. By the way I'm liking the new SSTV image.

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Northeast Ohio
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 4030 AM 0156 UTC 22 JAN 2022
« Reply #4 on: January 22, 2022, 0206 UTC »
S5 here with some noise
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Re: BallSmacker Radio 4030 AM 0156 UTC 22 JAN 2022
« Reply #5 on: January 22, 2022, 0209 UTC »
"Charlie Brown" 0205Z

On west central FL Gulf coast decent peak signal, nearly S9, avg about S7, and selective fading deep dips to S3. IC7300 and top loaded vertical.

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Re: BallSmacker Radio 4030 AM 0156 UTC 22 JAN 2022
« Reply #6 on: January 22, 2022, 0213 UTC »
signal S8+- on the SDR in Elida, Ohio
02.09 song "My Old School"
02.12 song "Hey Schoolgirl"
02.14 ID
02.14 song "Jeremy"
02.20 song "School Days"
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