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Author Topic: WARC 17/12 Meters  (Read 1012 times)


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WARC 17/12 Meters
« on: January 30, 2022, 1537 UTC »
Both 12 & 17 meters have been pretty active into Europe. I've been busy programming a new VHF/UHF rig, but I did take a moment to work Italy on 12 & France on 17. Hopefully, the bands will stay open for a while. I really enjoy the WARC bands, especially when contests are going on. I need to get another 30M antenna up. My tuner does not play well in that area with the OCF dipole I have.
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Re: WARC 17/12 Meters
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2022, 0218 UTC »
Still using the 80m OCFD? If so, moving the feedpoint probably would return an impedance low enough to match 30m without disrupting the ability to match other bands from 80m to 10m. Feeding at ~22.5% from one end is suggested as a good starting point for adding 30m support:


Alternatively, adding some inductance on the longer element of the existing 80m OCFD might allow finding a resonance close enough to match 30m. YMMV.
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Re: WARC 17/12 Meters
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2022, 0248 UTC »
Thanks, Rob, something happened with my 135' OCF dipole. I'm waiting to receive a new balun for it. Currently working with a 4:1 OCF set-up. I forget the measurements at the moment. Similar length, but it would need some tweaking if it were going to be my full-time set-up. I have to take some time off tomorrow. Hoping 12M will be open when I have time to mess around on the radio.