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Author Topic: 10m/11m/12m Band Activity 7 Feb 2022  (Read 559 times)

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10m/11m/12m Band Activity 7 Feb 2022
« on: February 07, 2022, 1118 UTC »
Airspy HF+ Discovery. Active miniwhip antenna. SDR preamp enabled.

1113z - 27445l ongoing qso
1114z - 27185a Ch19 activity including NA DX
1117z - 27025a Ch6 NA DX slowing picking up
1119z - 27015a Ch5 activity.... local?
1121z - 27395a Ch39 activity + qrm.... local?
1123z - 27205a Ch20 faint activity
1127z - 27545l ongoing qso.... local/regional?
1129z - 27385l Ch38 activity.... local/regional?
1129z - 27285a Ch28 music/qrm over faint NA DX
1142z - 27385l Ch38 local splatter with *multiple* harmonics
1145z - 27385l Ch38 NA DX slowly picking up
1129z - 27285a Ch28 explicit qrm
1159z - 27075a Ch10 sounds like truckers.... local?
1209z - 27305a Ch30 locals
1219z - 27165a Ch10 sounds like truckers.... local?

Took a look at the other side of the big pond via Twente SDR at ~1200z. Various 11m FM activity noted, including an op on 27205 outside of Moscow.

Switched over to an Antron 99 18' vertical mounted at ~20' with four ~8.5' radials. I still need to tune it down like 400-500KHz or so, but "whatever" for receiving purposes.

1306z - 27185a Usual Ch19 activity
1306z - 26975a Ch2 weak signal
1311z - various 12m band CW + digital activity
1314z - 27075a Ch10 locals

1314z - 27505u DX.... Brazil
1316z - 27465l locals including splattering
1330z - 27335a Ch33 intermittent weak signal.... sounds like Spanish or Portuguese

1410z - 27025a Ch6 NA DX
1410z - 27085a Ch8 op tuning up
1412z - 27095a Ch9 DX.... sounds like Spanish
1413z - 27515l weak signal DX.... sounds like Spanish or Portuguese

1440z - 27515l European DX.... England
1441z - 27385l Ch38 Caribbean DX
1443z - 27395l Ch39 DX..... Brazil?
1444z - 27375l Ch37 European DX.... England
1446z - 27555u DX.... Europe? French language
1446z - 27520u European DX.... multiple ops
1447z - 27595u European DX.... France
1449z - 27175a Ch18 sounds like truckers
1451z - 27265a Ch26 activity.... sounds like NA DX of a local(s) group
1453z - 27135a Ch15 likely NA DX.... over-modulated with echo
1455z - 27050a Ch4 DX qso about antenna.... Caribbean?
1457z - 26965a Ch1 Panama DX.... op with lots of echo

1500z - It is now exactly wall-to-wall signals, but 11m DX is open for business here.
1501z - various 12m band digital and SSB activity
1503z - 28400u European DX.... Scotland
1507z - 27765u weak signal DX.... Europe?
1507z - 27550 digital
1510z - 27545u weak signal DX.... mobile? Europe?

2242z - various 10m SSB activity noted
2243z - just noticed the SDR preamp is enabled; now disabled and the noise floor looks better ;)
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