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Author Topic: Aoki vs Eibispace (EIBI) vs Klingenfuss  (Read 1027 times)


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Aoki vs Eibispace (EIBI) vs Klingenfuss
« on: March 11, 2022, 1453 UTC »
Out of these 3 - Aoki, EIBI and Klingenfuss, which do you find to be the most accurate? Do certain ones differ in a way that one is better for Utility vs Broadcast etc? Feel free to offer an opinion or any other good databases. Thanks

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Re: Aoki vs Eibispace (EIBI) vs Klingenfuss
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2022, 2226 UTC »
I guess it all depends on how you want to use / access the data.

I do love the Klingenfuss publications, although their website is a little difficult to understand when you are trying to purchase a package. I have both print copies of various publications and the "2013 Super Frequency List" on CD.

Since moving over from a traditional receiver to an SDR, I now predominantly use the EiBi database. It is free and updated regularly. It is also available in CVS format so you can load it in Microsoft Excel, or any equivalent product, and parse that data to your hearts content. As for myself, I load the EiBi database as a memory bank in SDRuno. I also parse a copy of it for just the "Spy / Numbers" stations and create a separate memory bank for that.

Aoki is nothing more than a parsed copy of the EiBi data.

You can also find some 3rd party applications to browse the EiBi database from the EiBi site (some links are most likely dead so you will need to do a little homework and search):

For those not familiar with the databases, here are the respective links.
EiBi Database: http://www.eibispace.de
AOKI Database: http://www1.s2.starcat.ne.jp/ndxc
HFCC Database: http://www.hfcc.org
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