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Author Topic: Might be an interesting time to monitor the CB band for a trucker's rally?  (Read 359 times)

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With the buzz of the truckers rallying up in Ottawa, there's now a buzz in the USA of such a rally in February 2022, somewhere. So, it might be interesting to scan the 40 channels for truckers talking about this, around CH19 and +/- a few channels from there. And, if there is such a rally(s), then CB scanning would be essential.
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I've had a CB on here for months, usually on ch 19 (sometimes on 13, where a local company is). Have yet to hear anything regarding the convoy. Today the band was wildly open, but never heard anything about the convoy.

I know that the Canadian truckers also have the VHF LADD, but I don't know how much they use that vs CB.
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