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Author Topic: KPR 6923.6 USB music and political commentary  (Read 1248 times)

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KPR 6923.6 USB music and political commentary
« on: April 01, 2009, 1026 UTC »
4/1/09, KPR (slogan in ID sounds like "Rock the Rockies"), 0058-0208 UTC, long program of music mix (rock, blues, standards), with some political commentary from station operator.  Commentary was not entirely clear here so rather than risk misquoting the op I'll refer the curious to the attached audio clip.  6923.5-6923.6 USB (a little drifty)

0058 UTC: BB King "The Thrill Is Gone"
0104z: 4 Non Blondes "What's Going On", drifted down to 6923.5
0108z: KPR ID w/ some mention of Obama, not sure what op said due to QRM from adjacent station.
0109z: Beatles "I'm Looking Through You"
0111z: Country music, don't recognize song.
0114z: Blues, sounds like "Worried Life," can't tell which version due to deep fades. Signal drifted back up to 6923.6.
0119z: ID
0129z: back after long fadeout, Ray Charles "Unchain My Heart," strongest signal yet tonight.
0132z: James Brown "I Feel Good", still hanging on with good signal peaks.
0135z: KPR ID with laugh and "Rock the Rockies" slogan.
0135z: Frank Sinatra "I've Got You Under My Skin" (hearing het or whine now, possibly another station above KPR)
0138z: Elton John "Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues"
0144z: Billie Holiday "Stormy Blues"
0147z: KPR ID with op saying something about Obama, but still can't copy it due to noise and fades.
0148z: Santana "Evil Ways"
0154z: George Strait "Cowboy Rides Away", signal drifting a little again.
0206z: Continuing with country music, don't recognize songs. Still good signal peaks with deep fades.
0208z: KPR ID, something about Obama but wiped out by local RFI burst. Off now?

SINPO - 22312. Some QRM from another station near 6925. Very thin audio but punching through weak signal and fades well enough to copy familiar songs. Dang parking lot light cycling for 15 seconds every minute wiping out 25% of everything.

(Gopher Stomp, TX - R30C on the fugly loop)

Edited mp3 for most of KPR show (only RFI bursts that made signal unintelligible were deleted): http://www.mediafire.com/?noi5tzzvtou
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