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Author Topic: UNID 6970 AM 0430 UTC 28 May 2022  (Read 364 times)

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UNID 6970 AM 0430 UTC 28 May 2022
« on: May 28, 2022, 0436 UTC »
Frequency: 6970
Mode: AM
Date: 28 May 2022
Time: 0430 UTC
SINPO: 33333 via Edmonton Canada sdr but heard on others
Signal: S5+

0430 - sounds like classic rock music - blues vain

0440 - changed to KFS sdr SINPO: 55555
           Punk music 

Thanks for the broadcast and PSE e-QSL to bad_fish@hotmail.com Happy Holidays.
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Reciever: Degen DE-1103
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Re: UNID 6970 AM 0430 UTC 28 May 2022
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2022, 0514 UTC »
S9 but high noise with Lamont, Alberta, Canada KiwiSDR. S7 and less noise with Winthrop, Washington, USA KiwiSDR. Best (S9-noisy) with Hanna Alberta KiwiSDR.

0513 UTC-Before The Kiss, A Redcap by Blue Öyster Cult
0514 UTC-To much noise to ID
0518 UTC-Tears by The Chameleons UK
0519 UTC-Said something, missed it
0519 UTC-Blue Monday by New Order
0527 UTC-Sex (I'm A.) by Berlin
0531 UTC-Signal faded
0620 UTC-OFF with no ID
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Lucas Bandura
eQSL appreciated! lucasnerite@gmail.com
Songs are identified with Shazam if needed. I usually use KiwiSDR receivers. Reception from my QTH is using a Kenwood TS-570D or RTL-SDR V3 with a 40 meter band Inverted V at 50 feet.
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