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Author Topic: 10m/11m Bands Activity 12 JUN 2022  (Read 446 times)

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10m/11m Bands Activity 12 JUN 2022
« on: June 12, 2022, 0902 UTC »
Currently I have the Airspy HF+D tuned to 11m and dropped down to -140dB in SDRangel. Spotted some intermittent activity in the waterfall around ~0845z, but it might have been local.

I need to get a feedline to the den for one of my 18' verticals, as my 31' vertical is hardly ideal for low-angle 11m DX signals.

Took a quick look at global estimated conditions. Nothing much here, at least not yet anyway, but I did spot MUF at 84MHz and foF2 at 29MHz in Japan today.

BTW, before I forget, I noted actual 10m FM activity a few days ago while rolling the VFO on the Kenwood R-2000. Amateurs might want to toss out an occasional CQ on 29600 simplex. Ya' might be surprised.

Faint signal activity with intermittent modulation on 27015a at ~0940z. I dropped down to -150dB for the waterfall, so the activity is well down in the noise floor here.

Similar for 27285a at ~0942z. Faint trace activity and intermittent modulation. Maybe 11m will open before greyline arrives.

Thinking of weak signals....

I usually prefer headphones for personal listening, but lately I have been back to earphones, especially for weak signal work. Many earphones tailored for music tend to overhype frequencies above and below what I want to hear for SSB and similar, thus requiring equalization, which even still might not help.

Long story short, I have landed upon the Etymotic ER3SE earphones with balanced armature drivers. I am using foam eartips as silicon tips tend to irritate my ear canals. The ER3SE model is tuned for flat frequency response. No booming bass and no shrill mids/highs to equalize. Yeah, I know earphone tuning can be a huge YMMV depending upon the individual, but anyway, I am copying 11m AM voice comms nearly -150dB down in the SDR waterfall while typing this post.


BTW, Etymotic earphones often are priced well below MSRP at Amazon.

Faint to light activity on 27015a, 27165a, 27185a, and 27215a at ~1010z. Spotted a few faint traces in the waterfall above 11m, too.

Spanish language activity on 27850u at 1014z. Sounds like DX, though I am not sure if NA, SA, or Europe.

Usual early-morning locals on 27385l at 1016z. They tend to chat for awhile before DX starts taking over the frequency.

Around ~1020z:

27495u - DX activity
27520u - Faint signal DX activity
27555u - DX activity - sounds like French language

27395u - ongoing qso - local/regional?

Meanwhile on 10m around ~1028z:

28030 - CW activity
22280 - CW activity - sounds like a beacon
28395u - SSB activity - sounds like Spanish or maybe Italian language?

Around ~1035z:

27425l - SSB DX activity - op in France calling CQ
27645u - weak signal SSB DX
27775 - digital mode

Around ~1842z:

Technically UTC has rolled over to June 13, but anyway:

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