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The original shortwave radio pirate station KBLU has been identified with Scott Becker [1] [2] (who was later associated with WBCQ).

In May 2008 a station identifying itself as KBLU was heard in North America for a few broadcasts on 6925 kHz USB, playing blues-rock music, mostly in the American Southern style. In addition to what sounded like programming from older audio-taped shows (including a man's voice saying "The belly of the blues", with this phrase echoed by a child), these reprises of KBLU included a computerized female voice cryptically cooing the message: "This is KBLU, your hot rocking blues pirate from the 1980s back again for you, Andrew. Do you remember? Check your log books. This is KBLU. Just for you, Andrew." It has been speculated that this shout-out refers to legendary veteran pirate, SWL and author Andrew Yoder.

Media:KBLU ID computer female voice ID 5-1-08 0100z.mp3

Media:KBLU ID 6925U 5-10-08 0230z Belly of the blues.mp3


[1] From the WBCQ website: "...Inaugural broadcast noted on Sunday 10/19/3 at 11PM. Scott Becker and Allan Weiner live in the studio discussed a bit of their respective pirate histories, including Scott's blues station 'KBLU' on 7415 upper sideband (c. 1990, on the air about the time Alan was trying to get the Sarah back on air)..."

[2] From the Radio Free Mount Airy blog entry for Feb. 14, 2004: "...SAM offers the ability to execute regularly scheduled events. We've made use of this to run regularly scheduled special broadcasts, e.g. the Canvas Prog Hour, Lumpy Gravy, and KBLU, Doc's new blues show; and perform other regularly scheduled tasks, such..." (Presumably a reference to Scott "Doc" Becker.)

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