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See also: Meshtastic and Mesh network.

900 MHz band, center frequency 915 MHz.

The 900 band 902 MHz - 928 MHz is shared among licensed Part 90 radio-location services, the FCC includes the 900MHz band under several subsections of Part 15 for various types of license systems and devices, including cordless phones - single-site and multi-site long-range cordless systems that function much like a private cell phone network, on-site frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) digital two-way business radios, point-to-point systems, remote control, telemetry, video senders, wireless microphones, alarm systems and scores of other uses. The 902-928 MHz band is also used for ISM (Part 18 of the FCC rules) devices and is also allocated as a ham radio band - the 33cm amateur radio band.

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