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Radio Bob's Communication Network (RBCN) was a pirate radio station that was very active in the 90s and the early part of the 21st century. The op, Radio Bob, was a southerner, and the program material consisted of southern and country-type music, along with comedy popular in southern and rural areas. The station was notable in that it broadcast in a variety of modes, including FM. The now-closed Lula, GA maildrop was used for QSLs, and Radio Bob had a reputation for replying as quickly as anyone in the pirate station business.

At one point RBCN ran afoul of the rest of the pirate community. The station was accused of QRMing other pirates, and a serious feud erupted on the FRN between Radio Bob and the moderator. This finally resulted in Bob being banned. Shortly thereafter, WBNY started a campaign attacking Bob, and he also suffered numerous attacks on Usenet. Eventually, he left the scene, and has not been heard on the air since.

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