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United Patriot Radio, also known as UPR, was quasi-clandestine radio station operated by "Colonel" Steve Anderson. An earlier incarnation of the station was known as KSMR. The station operated irregularly on at least three shortwave frequencies, 3260, 6890, and 6900 kHz The content of the station mostly involved Anderson railing against the government and frequent calls for action by militia groups. Recordings of militia, apocalyptic, and extreme right wing material were also played, and the station was known to broadcast material associated with the "Christian Identity" movement. The station's violent and anti-Semitic content was noted as "hate speech" by several human rights organizations.

Anderson's broadcasts became increasingly weirder in the weeks following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. In October 2001, Anderson was involved in a violent confrontation with local law enforcement, firing on an officer with an automatic rifle, but causing no injury. Shortly thereafter, the transmission facilities of the station were located on Anderson's farm in Pulaski County, Kentucky, and with the station's bust, UPR was silenced.

UPR was widely parodied in the pirate radio community at the time, on stations such as WHYP and United Patriot Militia Bingo.

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