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Pirate shortwave broadcasts tend to be on well-known frequencies. This allows listeners to quickly find a pirate station when it comes on the air, as they only have a relatively few number of fixed places to look. Some of the locations on the HF band that are in frequent use as of September 2007 include:

15070 active in the early 1990's by Europirates and pirates in North America, but recently quiet due to the solar cycle low

7415 historically, an extremely active frequency, but now occupied by WBCQ

6850 usually AM

6875 usually AM

6925 usually USB, but virtually all modes have been heard

6930 SSTV and USB

6950 infrequent, but used occasionally

6955 infrequent, but used occasionally

6925 is the most used frequency at this time; however, it's important to note that the list will change. Broadcasters will experiment with new frequencies according to the season, and the appearance of utility, military, and broadcast stations on a favorite spot may also force stations to move to new locations.

A good place to look to get an idea of what frequencies are in current use is the FRN Loggings section, and some stations will also announce a broadcast ahead of time on the FRN PX Announcements section.

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