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Author Topic: HFUnderground Ryver (Slack)  (Read 25983 times)

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HFUnderground Ryver (Slack)
« on: December 02, 2016, 1831 UTC »
The HF Underground now has a Ryver online chat. Ryver is very similar to Slack, which you may be familiar with. It allows online real-time chatting, including the ability to directly embed images, sound files, and other files and upload directly in the chat. You can also have multiple forums (channels) as well. Think of it as IRC on steroids.

The URL below will take you to the HF Underground Ryver site, and let you sign up to use it. We've begun transitioning away from IRC towards Ryver, so if you've used the IRC chat in the past, you will certainly want to get an account on Ryver, to not be left out. You can access the Ryver chat with a regular web browser, or a dedicated app, details are further down.

The benefits of Ryver include:
 - No mibbit timeouts
 - No IRC netsplits
 - Post pictures easily as a message, nice for posting and viewing SSTV scans
 - Seamless, simultaneous use of the same user id across platforms - No more JohnDoe logged into IRC on your main computer, JohnWork on your work computer and JohnMobile on your smartphone.  You can use JohnDoe simultaneously across all devices and each device looks and acts like you are just logged into the one you are currently using. 
 - Anything you enter or do is reflected among all your platforms.

Here's the URL to join: https://hfunderground.ryver.com/application/signup/members/ETSJZ6NeqO-kqjt   

Enter your email address.

Your username is what you will log in with.

The display name is what others will see.

Don't worry about the "Role" question, you can put anything there.

Create your password and then re-enter it.  ( Minimum of eight characters. Use a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. )

You may optionally choose a picture to use as your avatar. ( 70x70 .jpg, .png or .gif )

You should then receive a confirmation email.  Once you receive this email, respond to it as instructed.  ( If you don’t receive the email within a reasonable time, make sure it’s not in your Spam folder. )

This is the URL you will you use to access Ryver chat after you are a registered user:

In addition to access via your web browser, there are applications for Windows, Mac, linux, iOS, and Android: https://ryver.com/downloads/

After you join, click on the "General Chat" forum in the upper left part of the window, that is where most of the chatting is right now.

There is another forum, “HFU Activity”, which logs relevant posts from HFUnderground as well as Geophysical Alert Messages.

You can have private chats with another member by using the “Direct Messages” tab.

You will see your user name in the lower left corner.  If you click on the “^” beside it, you will see a “My Settings” option, where you can customize your Ryver environment.

You will get a Direct Message from “Eddy Bot”, which is Ryver’s automated bot.  You can interact with it to help you, if needed.

Also, if you would like to take Ryver chat for a test drive without setting up a user account, you may use user id “Guest1”, whose password is “Guest6925”.   ( The password is case-sensitive. )  If “Guest1” is in use, try “Guest2” or “Guest3” with the same password as “Guest1”. Log in with the same URL: https://hfunderground.ryver.com/application/login
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