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Author Topic: Radio Nova International 6254.4 AM 2125 UTC 4/13/17  (Read 1140 times)


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Radio Nova International 6254.4 AM 2125 UTC 4/13/17
« on: April 13, 2017, 2129 UTC »
2125- weak signal with some audio being heard listening in USB
2134- music being played
2144- very weak music being heard in USB
2158- signal a bit stronger now with rock song OM vocals
2202- OM talking over music then another song
2212- rock music
2237- unknown music
2246- OM with British accent talking
2249- OM with British accent talking into "Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind" The Loving Spoonful
2327- music deep in the noise at recheck
0100- music deep in the noise at another recheck
0106- signal coming up above the noise with YL vocal rock song
0111- strong bursts of UTE QRM, signal is back under the noise

 From a posting seen on Facebook earlier today: "Ok free radio fan and shortwave DXers check out Radio Nova International on 6255 khz 48 mb , NOT to be confused with the online station of the same name, it is on untill Monday so good dxing"
 Tentative station ID per this FB post for now.  Update- Station ID confirmed as Radio Nova International for me on Facebook. Email address is Nova99@live.co.uk
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Re: Radio Nova International 6254.4 AM 2228 UTC 4/13/17
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2017, 2230 UTC »
2228 UTC Weak carrier here with hints of music deep in the noise. Also a bit of ute QRM from 6256 ish khz...best in LSB, but still threshold
2235 UTC OM speaking?, then unid music
2237 UTC OM, into "Lido Shuffle"-Boz Scaggs
2241 UTC "Mother In Law"-Ernie K-Doe (Signal is picking up a bit....fading up over the noise!)
2244 UTC "Down In the Boondocks"-Billy Joe Royal
2247 UTC "Welcome Back"-John Sebastian
2249 UTC "Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind"-Lovin Spoonful
2251 UTC OM, into "Suspicion"-Terry Stafford
2254 UTC OM, into "Abraham, Martin, and John"-Dion (Got a nice S2 peak during the song!)
2257 UTC OM?, into "So Far Away"-Dire Straits
2302 UTC OM talking now but can't copy what he's saying..., into "I Got You Babe"-Sonny & Cher (Nice S2 peak!)
2305 UTC Noise level is higher now and nada on the copy

I couldn't make out an ID here, but thanks for the broadcast whoever!  :)

Thanks for the ID JoeFLIPS!  :)
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