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Anigwei, How cool is that! Very interesting

Thanks! Yes, always fun to cath signals from sky  :)


Those were my receptions from my QTH and a simple vertical: https://twitter.com/ea3ifh/status/1222912865448886274?s=20


VHF/UHF Logs, including satellites and radiosondes / Re: FLTSATCOM
« on: February 07, 2020, 1749 UTC »

I live just 300 kilometers north from h96cs and I have no way to receive that signals! Why does h96cs receive it with a single scanner antenna and I have no way to receive it with similar antenna (I've tried a 144Mhz Yagi without success, a 144/433 Moxon, and a telescopic HT with same results).

Maybe those satellites have nulls within its footprint?


Of course there is cool stuff going on up there. Received this 5th February 2020, two days ago.


I was quite amazed of receiving this, as most of the users I usually hear are brazilian pirates.

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