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Latin American Pirate / Re: UNID 6935 AM 2340 UTC 22 MAR 2023
« on: March 22, 2023, 2347 UTC »

2346- "Dancer In The Dark" by Marc Phillippe.

SINPO=12221, with lots of ute QRM and noise.

139- Upbeat old song (40s?) with YL vocals.

Hearing what sounds like a bunch of harmonics, spurs, or whatever. Not sure what this is.


2351- Norm McDonald comedy, re planning a murder, alcoholism and other classic dark Norm topics!

SINPO=34322, with some fading, but very solid overall here.

258- "Voices" by Russ Ballard.
301- "Why Should I Cry For You" by Sting. Signal weaker now, but I know the song. SINPO=24222 at best, with very deep fades.
304- "Day I Tried To Live" by Soundgarden.


158- "White Horse" by Laid Back.
200- Pigs Knuckles mentions Zeeky and Beethoven.
200- "Take The Skinheads Bowling" by Camper Van Beethoven.
203- Pigs Knuckles says to take certain pirates bowling.
203- "Mighty Quinn" by Manfred Mann.

Still going!
221- "Papas On The House Top" by Leroy Carr.
224- Pigs Knuckles IDs and says he has to work tomorrow to make the bacon, here we go...
225- "I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow" by The Soggy Bottom Boys.


116- "96 Tears" by ? And The Mysterians.
118- OM and YL synth voices discuss why listeners have commented since the last program that he sound like a synth voice.
118- Recorded OM IDs "You're listening to Crapola Radio...All free, all the time."
118- "Pretty Little Angle Eyes" by Curtis Lee.
121- Recorded OM IDs "You're listening to Crapola Radio...All free, all the time."
121- "Love Potion No. 9" by The Searchers.


102- Two OM talking broadcasting-- power, efficiency, antennas, components, etc. AM 1620 is his best signal. Seem to be responding to emails, messages, etc. Doesn't do anything on FM (except LP) due to witch hunt on those frequencies.


008- A radio drama or clip from a movie, with dialogue between OMs. Talking about baseball, contracts, etc.
010- Commercial for JIFF Peanut Butter with YL and child talking.
011- "Starman" by David Bowie.
014- SSTV.
016- Silent and presumed OTA.

SINPO=34343, just came up out of nowhere, after only traces of audio for the last 30 minutes or so.

035- "Ready For Freddy" by TrackTribe.
039- OM synth voice IDs Upcountry (I think) Radio...The home of R&B hits that never quit," over music.
039- "Mulholland" by King Canyon, Eric Krasno and Otis McDonald.
043- YL synth voice IDs "Out Country Radio," with a little slogan after that, over music, but getting noisier now, so didn't copy, SINPO=23222.
043- "Six O'Clock Rush" by TrackTribe.


002- "I'm Tired Of Your Jive" by Sam Myers.
004- "Ninety Nine" by Same Myers.


001- OM IDs CELL, Cell Phone Radio, and introduces General Manager, "General Telephone. "
001- General Telephone answers question "why are you sharing phone calls?" Well, because they at the phone company tape many calls for their friends and family. And you can't get non-cellular radios at Radio Shack anymore. "Now back to Sprint Contel..."
002- Recording of two OMs chatting.
002- OM IDs CELL, Cell Phone Radio.
003- More phone chatting.


2319- "Red House" by Jimi Hendrix.
2321- OM says "This is Grasscutter Radio...Yeah yeah, you F'g slobs."
2321- "Casey Jones" by Grateful Dead.
2325- OM IDs again "Yeah yeah man" several times. "Howdy slobs and fellow pirates." Gives email address for QSL.
2326- "Tube Snake Boogie" by ZZ Top.


231- Hearing faint music.

244- "Ten Penny A Bit" by Craig M. Johnson.

QSLs Received / Ball Smacker eQSL 18 Mar 2023
« on: March 18, 2023, 0158 UTC »
Thanks to BSR for the eQSL!


151- Vintage recording of OM talking about experimenting with drugs. "Maybe you've heard..."
153- "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton.

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